Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) for Banking and Finance Sector

LINK Development

At LINK Development, OTVentures subsidiary, we built a full-fledged ESB layer that serves as the main hub between all service delivery channels and all core banking and back-end applications. The solution was fully developed, deployed and integrated with multiple bank end systems and front end delivery channels for Dubai Bank. The developed ESB is composed of the following engines: authentication and authorization engine, messaging, routing engines, business process management engine, logging engine, exceptional handler, business activity monitoring and health activity monitoring engines. All based on Microsoft Biztalk Server 2006 R2 and Windows Communication Foundation with multiple LoB (Line of Business) adapters. Our Finance and Banking ESB is built with high security and performance standards to ensure reliability and extensibility of the platform and to serve as a core component in the Bank's infrastructure and a corner stone for the bank’s service oriented architecture enabling Dubai Bank the adoption of new service delivery channels with faster time to market providing its end-users with higher value added. Dubai Bank had several backend systems based on multiple heterogeneous platforms. Business need was to establish an Enterprise Service Bus to serve several channels (like Internet Banking, SMS, IVR, and ATM) achieving security and performance requirements, not only this but also integrating and encapsulating the functionality of a number of core banking systems. Through building a built a service Interface layer using Windows Communication Foundation that acts as a message router to approximately 50+ services that we had also developed, these messages are authenticated against a developed privilege matrix (based on Active Directory Authorization Manager store). The developed web services library for all the back end systems (more that 50+ web services) serves as one of the core IT assets delivered to the bank. Exposing the functionalities of the bank’s applications namely: core banking (Bank Master from Misys), Credit Card management system (from Verifone), SWIFT gateway, SMS gateway, FAX gateway and payment gateway were all part of the ESB. Delivery channels included Internet banking and phone banking. The implementation of Dubai Bank ESB builds strongly on our Microsoft competence in Business Process and Integration and leverages our BizTalk specialized team that has Microsoft Most Valued Professionals (MVPs) in BizTalk

System Center Pack Development

Fyrsoft LLC

FyrSoft offers full turnkey services to deliver custom System Center packs for Configuration Manager, Orchestrator, Operations Manager, Virtual Machine Manager, and Service Manager to improve manageability and governance in the data center. Whether you are just need a few custom rules or a simple MP to monitor an application, want to manage a line of business application with multiple System Center solutions, or want to migrate legacy monitoring FyrSoft will work with you to deliver a turnkey pack that can be imported into your environment to provide immediate business value. FyrSoft currently offers professional services to develop the following types of System Center packs. Audit Packs for SCOM ACS: Application and device security event monitoring with SCOM ACS, including: event integration, alerting, and reporting. Connectors: Connectors for integrating third party applications and management solutions with System Center. Configuration Packs for SCCM DCM: Configuration Packs for baseline compliance assessments and drift analysis Compliance and Risk Process Packs for SCSM: Mapping SCSM unified compliance controls to automated tests in SCCM and SCOM. Dashboard Packs for Webtop Integration Packs for Orchestrator: Integration Packs for automating IT operations and workflow between System Center and other management solutions. Management Packs for SCOM: Management Packs for application health, performance, and state monitoring. PRO Packs for SCVMM: PRO Packs for virtualization performance resource optimization with SCOM and SCVMM. Process Packs for SCSM: Process Packs for process workflow automation with SCSM, including custom forms and management pack bundles. Third party & legacy conversion

MECOMS™ | solution complète pour les prestataires de services aux collectivités

Ferranti Computer Systems NV

MECOMS™: pour des services intelligents aux collectivités MECOMS™ est une solution complète de bout-en-bout pour les prestataires de services aux collectivités. Il couvre tous les aspects opérationnels de ce type de service, sur les marchés réglementés ou libéralisés, et offre une authentique dimension « multi-commodity ». Très évolutive et modulaire, cette solution se caractérise par une grande souplesse, appréciée des prestataires de services aux collectivités de toute taille Une solution complète, de bout en bout MECOMS™ apporte aux prestataires de services aux collectivités toutes les fonctionnalités requises pour les aider à optimiser leurs processus opérationnels de front et de back office au sein d’un seul système intégré qui englobe : • La gestion des relevés o Infrastructure de mesure avancée o Validation o Calcul • Service client et facturation o Gestion de la relation client o Contrats et facturation o Gestion du crédit • Interaction avec le marché o Messagerie o Gestion de portefeuille o Règlement • Gestion des opérations o Gestion des actifs et ressources o Réseau intelligent o Gestion des services MECOMS™ offre également une fonction intégrée de gestion de la performance. Adapté aux rôles individuels via le Role Center, MECOMS™ propose une analyse des opérations du prestataire et l’aide à préparer calendriers, budgets et prévisions dans le cadre d’un processus de gestion dynamique et continue de la performance.

Netskope Active

Netskope, Inc.

The Netskope Active Platform™ gives IT the ability to find, understand, and secure cloud apps. Only Netskope empowers organizations to direct usage, protect sensitive data, and ensure compliance in real-time, on any device, for any cloud app so the business can move fast, with confidence. There are three primary phases of safe cloud enablement that Netskope provides: find, understand, and secure. Find Netskope enables you to find all of the enterprise cloud apps that are running in your enterprise and understand your risk. We maintain scores on thousands of apps in the Netskope Cloud Confidence Index™, which draws on objective security, auditability, and business continuity criteria adapted from the Cloud Security Alliance. Those apps’ scores are combined with your organization’s specific usage to determine each app’s risk and your overall cloud risk. Understand Beyond finding cloud apps, the Netskope Active Platform gives you rich activity- and data-level usage details. With Netskope, you can answer questions such as “Who’s sharing sensitive content outside of the company, and with whom?,” “Do we have any PCI residing in our cloud apps?,” and “Are any of my non-U.S. users downloading PII from HR apps?” In addition to answering specific questions, you can take advantage of our advanced anomaly detection to understand granular anomalies such as whether a user is excessively downloading and sharing, or logging in from multiple locations, which could indicate compromised credentials. These usage anomalies can indicate security threats, out-of-compliance behaviors, and even the presence of malware. Secure After you understand which apps you have and what people are doing in those apps, you can enforce granular policies to protect data and comply with regulations. You can enforce those policies in context, specifying policies like “Encrypt all content matching my ‘confidential’ DLP profile in cloud apps,” “Block the download of any .exe file from a cloud storage app,” or “Alert on the download of PII from any HR app to a mobile device.” This helps you narrow the policy aperture to a particular activity or a particular type of content you’re trying to protect. It also helps you minimize false positives and be precise in your control. Beyond simply enforcing policies, Netskope lets you coach users to a desired behavior with automated messages in the product.

Rental and Asset Management for Microsoft Dynamics AX

First eBusiness Solutions Ltd

First eBusiness is a Scottish based Microsoft Partner with a Gold competency in ERP and over 30 years experience in delivering business solutions, infrastructure services and support. Our Rental and Asset Management module extends Microsoft Dynamics AX into these operational areas, with detailed functionality based initially on our expertise with Oil and Gas Service companies. Microsoft Dynamics AX is a fully integrated business solution covering financial and operational management. It will work like and with familiar Microsoft products and is easily customisable, highly scalable, modular and flexible. Standard functionality includes: - Financial Management - Manufacturing Service Industries - Project Accounting - Supply Chain Management - Distribution - Customer Relationship Management - Business Analysis - Reporting To this, our Rental and Asset Management module adds functionality crucial to organisations with rental and asset management operations including: Massive options on the Rental Items (the Assets) - they may be purchased or manufactured, rented or sold, variable on item, transferable both ways between stock and rental etc. There is also detailed Rental Asset Availability and History. The application also provides extensive flexibility in the management of: - Customer Projects / Jobs - Pricing - Invoicing / Financials - Maintenance - Reporting - Rental Job Management and Costing A comprehensive solution, with extensive functionality. For specific details to fit your requirements contact us directly on 0845 082 5555.

A Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution for Process Manufacturing from Columbus IT

Columbus Global

Microsoft Dynamics ERP for Process Manufacturing from Columbus IT brings real business benefits: Streamlined and efficient production and delivery. Gain real-time visibility into relationships between orders, inventory and distribution to develop production plans based on capacity and customer demand. Fast decision-making. Monitor inventory across multiple dimensions, incorporate co-product and by-product management into product planning, and carefully oversee quality control so you can make informed, timely business decisions. Enhanced communication. Maintain high production levels and on-time delivery rates by sharing real-time information about specifications, order status, and quality control (QC) testing among key departments and with trading partners. Reduced risk. Electronic signatures, detailed documentation, audit trails, and lot tracking help you comply with regulatory and safety requirements and implement rigorous QC measures. Increased agility. Track demand trends and monitor changes in pricing so you can quickly adjust production and materials flow or fine-tune promotions to capitalise on new opportunities. Fast return on investment (ROI). Microsoft Dynamics for Process Manufacturing is tightly integrated with other Microsoft products and uses the same intuitive interface so you can extend and customise the capabilities of your solution at an overall low total cost of ownership (TCO). Improved profitability. With an integrated view of production schedules, capacity, material planning, shop floor activities, and costs, you can effectively manage resources for a healthy bottom line. Process manufacturers face many different challenges: reducing operating costs, controlling waste and yield, accurate catchweight information, managing co-products and by-products, flexible recipe definitions, maintaining on-time deliveries and satisfying a range of regulatory and customer requirements just to remain competitive. Many organisations wrestle with the additional complications of managing both process and discrete operations, contending with raw material variability, and matching push supply with fluctuating demand. To stay ahead of the competition, you have to optimise manufacturing and supply chain capabilities to maximise the potential margin whilst maintaining your quality and delivery commitments.