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• Ihre Problemstellung: Sie haben SharePoint als IT-Plattform angeschafft oder bereits im Einsatz und wollen diese in Ihrer Organisation für die effiziente Zusammenarbeit (Kollaboration) einsetzen. Eine fundierte SharePoint-Nutzung erfordert über das „Tool SharePoint“ hinauszuschauen, d.h. Prozesse, Zusammenarbeitskonzepte und fachliche Anforderungen sind mindestens ebenso wichtig wie informationstechnische Fragestellungen. Ein fundierter SharePoint Support sowie eine geeignete und kompakte Ausbildung sind hierbei für eine gewinnbringende Nutzung von Kollaborationsplattformen wie SharePoint unumgänglich. Zielorientierung, Anwendbarkeit und Geschwindigkeit des Lernerfolgs sind ebenso wichtig wie die vermittelten Inhalte selbst. Unsere SharePoint-Berater bzw. SharePoint-Coaches unterstützen Sie mit fundiertem SharePoint-KnowHow, das auf Ihre individuellen Anforderungen in der Praxis zugeschnitten ist. Wir begleiten und führen Sie business-orientiert und in kurzer Zeit erfolgreich an ihr Ziel. • Unser Dienstleistungsangebot umfasst die folgenden Pakete: 1. SharePoint Support: - Kollaborationskonzepte und -strategien auf Basis SharePoint - Technologische SharePoint Beratung - Unterstützung bei der Lösung von Problemstellungen in Ihrem SharePoint - Unterstützung bei Ihrer SharePoint-Einführung - Governance auf Basis SharePoint - Coaching 2. SharePoint Anwenderschulung: - Umgang mit SharePoint insbesondere Arbeitsumgebung - Verwaltung von WebSites (Navigation, Suche, Seiten, usw.) - Listen und Bibliotheken (Einstellungen, Dokumentenmanagement, Wikis, usw.) - Microsoft Office - Integration - Fallbeispiele mit Übungen 3. SharePoint Administrationsschulung: - Installation und Konfiguration von SharePoint - Migration und Upgrades - Administration von Website-Sammlungen - Konfiguration von SharePoint Farmen, Diensten und Anwendungen - Verwaltung von Features und Lösungen - Umgang und Behebung von Fehlern - Monitoring und Optimierung von SharePoint • Ihr Nutzen - SharePoint wird optimal im Unternehmen eingesetzt sowohl fachlich als auch technisch - Business- und nutzen-orientierte Beratung zum erfolgreichen SharePoint-Einsatz - Fundierte SharePoint-Nutzung erfordert über das „Tool SharePoint“ hinauszuschauen o Prozesse, Zusammenarbeitskonzepte, fachliche Anforderungen, IT-Umsetzung, usw. - Nach einer unserer Ausbildungen kennen Sie SharePoint - Umgang und Behebung von Fehlern - Schulungen und Coaching sind praxisnah - Nachhaltige Kosten- und Zeitoptimierung

SharePoint People and Personalization

Bitscape Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

SharePoint is a smart and effective patented web application platform loaded with several types of multipurpose tools exclusively designed to handle different types of web based requirements within the organizational structure. SharePoint People and Personalization comes integrated within the Microsoft Office suite tools that can further integrate with several resourceful enterprise level applications like ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and many more. With the personalization options integrated inside the SharePoint, the platform is quite instrumental in ensuring Website Management, Content Management, and Community Management. The exclusive SharePoint search solutions are designed to integrate content which is in synch with the business purposes. The personalizationis also available in the form of keyword enhancement and real time content analysis- all of which helps in creating a systematic work process customized around the individual needs. With SharePoint People and Personalization, the end user is likely to share your ideas as well as expertise besides providing the rightful information so that decision can be made in the right direction. Bitscape is strategic partner in Microsoft’s SharePoint People and Personalization and it offers comprehensive and flexible personalization deals that are eventually helpful in creating cordial business environments. If you are keen on knowing about our SharePoint People and Personalization solutions, which can be helpful for your business, give us a call. Alternatively, you can also Email us your specific requirements and our executive will get in touch within 24 business hours. We will be ready to offer SharePoint People and Personalization customized around your business requirements.

EduRe CRM Suite’s Business Opportunity Management Module

PnP Solutions

To assist in generating revenue, Education providers seek to sell a variety of Products. This can range from facilities, customised training programs, consultancy services and/or international projects both on and offshore. Visibility, consistency in pricing and branding as well as approval across these Business Opportunities can be difficult and can lead to under-pricing business, a loss of business, internal competition, multiple pitching to the same client, inefficiencies in staff and lack of visibility across potential and already-won revenue. Challenge How to accurately track and cost business opportunities, achieve consistency with proposals; whilst ensuring maximum profit and minimal staffing inefficiencies? Our Solution EduRe’s Business Opportunity CRM module is designed to manage your revenue generating pipeline, increase visibility of business activity, support collaboration of the development of product content, pricing and approval including the population onto branded templates. EduRe’s Business Opportunity module accommodates external funding when subsidises apply and allows managers and directors to monitor sales performance at a revenue, surplus and activity level. Key functionality includes the ability to: • Manage the sales pipeline • Develop and approve content and pricing (breaking down expenses, revenue and surplus) • Generate and send branded proposals/contracts • Track and attach communications • Report on potential and already-won revenue and surplus; as well as enquiry and business activity EduRe’s Business Opportunity Management module interfaces seamlessly with all other EduRe CRM modules. It can also integrate with third-party or in-house custom entities. All EduRe modules can be customised to meet your specific needs.

Email Hosting in Australia


Overview If having your business email hosted locally is important to your organisation, or a possible legal requirement, our Infinitis.IT Email Hosting service offers you business-class email, calendar, and contacts on your choice of devices and browsers, all fully hosted locally in Australia. Suitable for businesses of all sizes, this service is an alternative to our Office 365 offering which is hosted by Microsoft in Singapore. Infinitis.IT Email Hosting in Australia is cloud-based and managed using Microsoft Exchange Online - a hosted messaging solution that delivers the capabilities of Microsoft Exchange Server as a cloud-based service giving staff familiar access to their mailboxes, calendars, contacts, and tasks across PCs, the web, and mobile devices. It gives your team flexibility and provides your business with a safe and reliable email hosting solution. Business benefits: • All data stored, backed up and maintained in Australia giving you the ability to retrieve exactly what you need, when you need it, without delays (even archived files for former staff). • Unlimited mailbox sizes reducing the chance of bounce backs and missed mails. • Work from anywhere – No matter where they are working, your team can open and work on the latest version of a document and share it with colleagues. • Manage your email system efficiently. Manage user permissions, service settings, and more with a simplified web interface and powerful management tools. • Reliable email and calendars on the go - Access the latest email and calendars from your PC, Mac, web browser, Windows Phone, iPhone, Android phone and BlackBerry. Lost your mobile? You can wipe data from your device to prevent unauthorised access. • A safe and secure environment - get a winning combination of reliability, security, and support. Rely on 99.9% uptime guaranteed with a financially backed SLA, plus enterprise-grade anti-malware and anti-spam protection. Stay compliant with email archiving, retention policies, and optional legal hold. • Plus, easy and secure administration, financially backed reliability and predictable monthly costs with no up-front infrastructure costs.㈥

Backup and Disaster Recovery Software For Business

UltraBac Software

UltraBac Software has focused on delivering the fastest, easiest-to-use backup and disaster recovery software for over 27 years. Complete protection of your business systems, guaranteeing your critical information is always available is our only business. UltraBac backup software was developed from the ground up to take advantage of the latest operating systems, while expanding support for heterogeneous network environments and providing expanded support for a variety of clients. The latest release of UltraBac provides users with everything from barcode media pool support to differential image backup. UBDR Pro was the first entry in our new generation of premier disaster recovery software, which fully supports all of Microsoft's current Windows server and workstation family of products. It offers enterprise users a totally new approach in performing disaster recovery operations, while continuing to support the needs of small and medium businesses. UBDR Gold continues to raise the bar in disaster recovery software. UBDR Gold is the first bare metal recovery utility that has integrated FTP into disaster recovery. FTP recovery enables customers to restore an image from a LAN, WAN, or the Internet. With the addition of FTP, perform an image or file based backup to literally every type of storage device. Our reliable, proven software will save precious time and money when there is a need to recover data on an individual server or for an entire data center. We deliver modularity and scalability, with agents and options to provide a complete solution for businesses of all sizes. UltraBac Software has built its reputation on quality backup products. Let us help you safeguard your company. We take the "disaster" out of disaster recovery.

Exclaimer Anti-spam


Exclaimer Anti-spam is built to recognize spam in a uniquely advanced way, algorithmically identifying unusual volumes of similar messages being sent from multiple sources - key indicators of spam and botnets. The software uses the Recurrent Pattern Detection® engine from CYREN®, which is constantly monitoring email traffic worldwide and detecting global spam trends. Users only need to use one console to control everything, so we let you adjust Microsoft Exchange’s built-in anti-spam functionality through our interface. By analysing the context, not the content, it works in any language, even on images, and won't block a vital email just because it doesn't have a subject line. CYREN® is a communication security software company with 20-years’ worth of experience. It counts companies like Microsoft, Google, Toshiba and other massive, multi-national technology firms as their partners. Exclaimer Anti-spam combines the RPD engine from CYREN with your Microsoft server's built-in countermeasures so you get maximum power with minimum effort. Use it with Exchange 2007/2010/2013 or Small Business Server 2008/2011, and get it with Mail Utilities on your 2003 edition of Exchange or Small Business Server just download, install and start blocking spam. Plus, with Anti-spam, you get all the additional benefits you would expect from choosing a solution from one of the world's leading email utility companies. • A software-only option with no extra hardware required. • Control all of Exchange’s built-in anti-spam capabilities without using PowerShell or in the EMC. • Designed to be independent, you don’t need to check your spam-filter for missed emails or manually whitelist contacts. • Provides real-time functionality that gives you maximum protection the moment new spam techniques arise.

eContact | Next generation contact management solution


In recognition that back office operations are going to diminish at an exponential rate with the move to more front office driven solutions, we have built a next generation contact management application. eContact does not simply seek to unify back office system data into one consistent UI; it also links to Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) and our eGovHub eForms (with their associated functions/integration). eContact provides a consistent interface to allow call centre workers to view details about citizen case/s, see documents that relate to them and of course be able to complete our eGovHub eForms prepopulated with the citizen’s details. The design of the application is very much using the user interface and user experience guidelines of Windows 8/Windows phone and as such looks sleek and stark, without clutter. By using the elegance of quick information delivery that ‘Live Tiles’ provide in Windows Phone 7, we ensure that users can get to answers fast and deal with citizen enquiries as quickly as possible. This means users do not need to learn the application, they simply look at the answers that the application has provided based upon the citizen that has been searched for and loaded. The solution is not a given business sector specific and so can be used as an application for Housing Associations, Environmental Health, Social Care, Health and Emergency Services; the only difference being the APIs/EDMS systems that are called and a different selection of eForms available.


CDS Informatica Ltda.

A função Multi-empresa deste sistema possibilita uma administração total de mais de uma empresa, podendo habilitar e delimitar o acesso dos usuários a várias partes do sistema. Gera contas a Pagar e Receber, automaticamente na Compra e Venda, dentro do sistema ; Controle Bancário contendo Contas, Cheques e Boletos com arquivos de remessa e retorno do banco ; Utilize diversos Relatórios de diferentes partes do sistema: Contas a Receber, Fluxo de Caixa, Televendas, Estoque, Comissões, e muito mais. A mais nova ferramenta desenvolvida neste sistema: Consulta Financeira, onde o sistema consulta a situação do cliente no Serasa, Scpc e Spca através do convênio Check Express; Crie Orçamentos enviando-os via e-mail, e podendo também gerar : Pedido de Venda, e Pedido de Venda Rápido com os mesmos dados do orçamento ; Nota Fiscal e Cupom Fiscal ; Impressão Modo Texto (Matricial) Impressão Modo Gráfico com logotipo da empresa (Jato de Tinta / Laser) Este módulo de PCP Produção, lhe proporciona o controle total de estoque e do que está sendo produzido. Descriminando facilmente: Quantidade à Produzir; Cálculo de Custo da Produção por Produto; Controle de Lotes; Relatórios por Lotes, Produtos, Data Inicial e Final; Esta tela de Solicitação de Entrega do sistema foi criada com o intuito de acompanhar e agilizar o procedimento que se inicia no momento da venda, e estende-se até a entrega à domicílio dos produtos comprados. Descriminação completa do Cliente com Endereço, Telefone, Vendedor, Atendente, Todos produtos comprados, Data do Pedido e Data de Entrega ; Imprima esta solicitação em modo Texto (Matricial), agilizando a ação de entrega ;

CloudBerry Backup for Windows Azure


CloudBerry Backup Server Edition designed to run in Windows Server 2003/2008(32 and 64 bit) environment. It is a powerful Backup and Restore program that leverages Azure Blob storage to make your disaster recovery plan simple, reliable, and affordable. Disaster recovery planning is often times an afterthought that comes to light when disaster strikes. Very seldom do companies fully recover from loss of critical data which could lead to loss of business. Features: - Easy installation and configuration - Scheduling capabilities - Data encryption - Data retention schedule - Secure online storage - Data versioning - Differential backup - The ability to restore to a particular date - Backup verification - Alerting notifications - Backup Window - Backup exclusively locked files using Volume Shadow Copy - Parallel data transfer - speed up backup/restore process - Command Line interface - integrate backup with your own routines - C# API - an ability to get backup plan statistics programatically - Automatically delete files from online storage if the were deleted locally Benefits: - Backup and Restore Wizards make this service user friendly - Strong data encryption protects your data from unauthorized access - Data compression reduces the size of your backups - Scheduling capabilities automate the backup process - Backups are available for recovery 24/7 - Intuitive interface provides easy file and folder selection capabilities - No proprietary storage format. You can access your files using other Azure tools.