Exclaimer Anti-spam


Exclaimer Anti-spam is built to recognize spam in a uniquely advanced way, algorithmically identifying unusual volumes of similar messages being sent from multiple sources - key indicators of spam and botnets. The software uses the Recurrent Pattern Detection® engine from CYREN®, which is constantly monitoring email traffic worldwide and detecting global spam trends. Users only need to use one console to control everything, so we let you adjust Microsoft Exchange’s built-in anti-spam functionality through our interface. By analysing the context, not the content, it works in any language, even on images, and won't block a vital email just because it doesn't have a subject line. CYREN® is a communication security software company with 20-years’ worth of experience. It counts companies like Microsoft, Google, Toshiba and other massive, multi-national technology firms as their partners. Exclaimer Anti-spam combines the RPD engine from CYREN with your Microsoft server's built-in countermeasures so you get maximum power with minimum effort. Use it with Exchange 2007/2010/2013 or Small Business Server 2008/2011, and get it with Mail Utilities on your 2003 edition of Exchange or Small Business Server just download, install and start blocking spam. Plus, with Anti-spam, you get all the additional benefits you would expect from choosing a solution from one of the world's leading email utility companies. • A software-only option with no extra hardware required. • Control all of Exchange’s built-in anti-spam capabilities without using PowerShell or in the EMC. • Designed to be independent, you don’t need to check your spam-filter for missed emails or manually whitelist contacts. • Provides real-time functionality that gives you maximum protection the moment new spam techniques arise.

Ignia IT Consulting Services

Ignia Pty Ltd

Use Ignia's consulting services to supercharge your development team and achieve greater return on your IT investments. Ignia’s consulting services involves on-site access to an Ignia subject matter expert, to review, validate, coach and transfer necessary knowledge and skills to ensure your internal teams are equipped and confident to successfully get the job done. WHY IGNIA CONSULTING SERVICES? • Access to highly specialised talent - Draw upon expertise that would otherwise be too expensive to develop and maintain in-house. • Improved time-to-market - Ignia’s extensive experience will help reduce your team’s project learning curve and help you realise its full value sooner. • On-site presence - Access to an Ignia representative on-site working directly with your project teams. CONSULTANCY SERVICE OFFERINGS: • IT Advisory, Planning and Architecture Strategy - Develop roadmaps to align your IT investment with enterprise wide architecture principles and business outcomes. • Business Intelligence Capability - Training for internal staff to build a consolidated approach to collection, consumption and analysis of data across your organisation. • ALM Health Check and Planning Services - Reduce cost and increase quality output by developing a continuous improvement program for your entire application development lifecycle. • Architecture and Application Modelling Services - Validation and advice for existing and proposed solution design and implementation across the Microsoft stack. • SharePoint 360 - Review, mentoring and training for the entire SharePoint lifecycle, including design, deployment, migration, maintenance and governance. • User Experience Guidance - Assessment and guidance on how to improve user experience to increase efficiency, user adoption and overall system satisfaction.

Saasabi for Visual Studio Online

Saasabi Pty Ltd

Saasabi for Visual Studio Online gives developers the ability to perform ad-hoc queries via an out-of-the-box set of cubes that run against all of the data captured in Visual Studio Online as well as some calculated data that is not natively available in VSO. Saasabi for VSO is delivered as a cloud-based software as a service offering and provides capabilities similar to those currently available for Visual Studio via Analysis Services. Features: • Single or multi-tenanted, out-of-the-box set of cubes for ad-hoc analysis and reporting against Visual Studio Online • Automatic provisioning of cubes for analysis • Query using Power BI, Excel or any other OData-consuming interface and design your own dashboards • Create your own calculated values using Visual Studio Online data for deeper analysis • Fine-grained, role-based security model • Easily upgrade for access to additional data sources such as time-sheet or financial information Benefits: • Ability to perform your own ad-hoc queries and reports rather than relying on the standard reports that are supplied with Visual Studio Online • Comprehensive reporting on every piece of data captured by Visual Studio Online as well as additional calculated values, enabling greater insights on all aspects of a project • Simplified data governance and enhanced data security as all data resides on the Azure platform vs exporting data to an on-premise or alternative system • Ease of deployment. Saasabi for VSO will automatically connect to your Visual Studio Online instance and be ready for querying within minutes using familiar end-user tools such as Microsoft Excel and Power BI.

Flintfox TRM

Flintfox International Limited

Flintfox TRM draws upon Flintfox’s 25+ years of experience in supplying TPM solutions, integrating the specialist business logic into Microsoft’s CRM solution, to provide a most comprehensive and straight-forward TPM system that provides Consumer Goods companies with a critical advantage in managing this complex aspect of their business. One solution where sales, marketing and finance professionals access unified CRM and TPM related tasks - we call it Trade Relationship Management, TRM for short. Features: - Volume Planning and Forecasting - Trade Fund Management - Target Management - Trade Promotion Planning - Customer and Product Segmentation - Accruals Management - Claims and Deductions - Complete Reporting Dashboard - What-if Scenario Planning - ERP and Accounting System Integration Benefits: - Achieve more profitable trade promotion plans - Make better decisions about trade spending options - Compare forecasts and trade plans for maximum potential effect on sales - Gain real-time visibility into trade expense commitments - Empower salespeople to quickly and easily create promotional plans and forecasts - Forecast the impact of trade promotion “scenarios” on revenue and profitability - Easily reconcile claims and deductions against approved trade agreements - Forecast volume by product, product group, customer and customer group - Know which promotions are performing as planned and fine tune any that aren’t - See up-to-date accruals posted against the correct GL account - Enable full auditability and reconciliation of accruals and payments