Tagging for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

xRM Consultancy Limited

Tagging - An easy and intuitive way to apply ‘tags’ to records in CRM Tagging solution do: xRM Consultancy’s Tagging solution allows users to ‘tag’ any record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM with either their own tags or previously entered tags. It can be configured so that only a predefined set of tags can be used however the normal set up is that anyone can contribute to the tag ‘catalogue’. User’s simply enter a word or phrase they wish to tag a record with. As they start typing existing tag matches are automatically displayed for users to select, and if no match is found the user’s new tag is added to the Tag ‘catalogue’ (if they have the appropriate security roles – see Security Roles section below for more details). The Tag catalogue is a very simple Organization level entity (this means tag records are not ‘owned’ by any user and are available to for all users to see – provided they have at least read access to the entity). When a ‘tag’ is associated with a CRM record a Connection is made automatically (using the standard CRM Connections functionality) to save the Tag association. Because we are using the Connections functionality you can easily use the Advanced Find to query your tag associations. Features: - Any entity can be tagged: Any entity that has Connections enabled can have tags. - Dashboard - Auto posts to “what’s new” feed - Tag record: The Tag record shows all records connected to the tag. The associated records can be opened directly from the Tag record window. - Security Roles: The Tagging Solution comes with 3 security roles which provide different levels of Tagging functionality: Tag Reader, Tag Associator, and Tag Writer

StorageCraft ImageManager


StorageCraft ImageManger enables you to organize and manage your backup image files created with best-in-class StorageCraft ShadowProtect disaster recovery technology: ImageManager provides numerous ways to organize and manage your backup image files created with ShadowProtect: • Rapidly replicate backup images to onsite storage, your own cloud, the StorageCraft Cloud, or other replication targets* • Use performance replication throttling to regulate maximum transfer speeds during peak business hours • Consolidate your backup images to save storage space • Set retention policies for local and offsite backup images • Pre-stage backups as a virtual machine before disaster strikes with StorageCraft HeadStart Restore® technology With StorageCraft ImageManager you can: • Complete LAN- and WAN-based replication* • Replicate incremental files offsite while populating and sending a base image on a drive • Enjoy accelerated offsite replication to your private cloud with ShadowStream™ * and intelligentFTP™ technologies* • Seed the StorageCraft Cloud using functionality based on intelligentFTP • Use performance replication throttling to regulate maximum transfer speeds during peak business hours • Set retention policies for local and offsite backup images • Free up disk space with consolidation of monthly backup image files into a rolling single file (requires ShadowProtect 5 or newer backup images) • Eliminate unused space in backup image files to save storage space onsite and offsite with enhanced collapse and consolidation • Verify and re-verify backup images to ensure readiness to recover • Get email notification of backup image status Recover in minutes with patented HeadStart Restore * Offsite replication requires ShadowStream or intelligentFTP. ShadowStream, intelligentFTP, and HeadStart Restore jobs require a license fee.

6PAC PVH für Microsoft Dynamics AX

6PAC Consulting AG

6PAC PVH bietet für den Produktionsverbindungshandel die Grundlage für optimierte Einkaufs-, Verkaufs-, Logistik- und Produktionsprozesse. Bei der Eingabe von Aufträgen werden in der Branchenlösung u.a. automatisch Kreditlimits, Kundeninformationen, Preisvereinbarungen und Lagerbestände überprüft, so dass die Genauigkeit der Auftragsdaten sichergestellt wird. Unterstützt werden Organisationen von der Angebotserstellung, Auftragsbearbeitung (Strecke, Lager, Zukauf), automatischen Bestell- bzw. Produktionsvorschlägen, ergänzt um kalkulatorische Zu- und Abschläge, umfangreiche Preisfindung bis hin zur Auslieferung über die Tourenplanung. • CRM: - Verwaltung von Geschäftsbeziehungen : alle Informationen und Beziehungen zu den Geschäftskontakten auf einen Blick - Verwaltung von Kampagnen - Vertriebssteuerung; Anbindung des Außendienstes via PDA - Online-Zugriff • Verkauf: - Auftragsbearbeitung (Strecke, Lager, Zukauf) - schnelle Bestandsauskunft (automatische Reservierungen und Markierungen) - Umfangreiche Preisfindung (Kunde, Artikel, Gruppe) - Bonusverwaltung, Provisionsverwaltung und - abrechnung - Abbildung von Stücklisten - Retouren Management - Werkszeugnisverwaltung - Auftragseingang via Kasse, Telefon, EDI, Online Portal (integrierter Web-Shop) - Intercompany-Abwicklung - Integrierte Tourenplanung • Beschaffung / Einkauf: - Anfragenbearbeitung - Bedarfsermittlung über Verbräuche von definierbaren Vergleichszeiträumen, über Auftragsbestand oder frei definierbare Parameter - Bestellabwicklung (inkl. Sonderbestellung) - Umfangreiche Preisfindung (Lieferant, Artikel, Gruppe) - Lieferantenanmahnung - automatisierte Rechnungsprüfung - Verwaltung von Rücklieferungen - Bestellungen via Telefon, EDI, Online-Portal, Intercompany • SCM / Logistik: - Artikelverwaltung (mehrsprachig) - Umfangreiche Dispositionsmöglichkeiten - Import von Katalogartikeldaten - Lagerungsdimensionen (z.B.: Läger, Breite, Dicke, Innen- und Außendurchmesser) - Lagerplatzverwaltung - Barcode-Anbindung - Kommissionierung und Verpackung (Packmittel / Etiketten) - Versandkostenberechnung - Abbildung von Streckengeschäften - Retourenmanagement - Zentralregulierung - Lagerhausverwaltung - Bestandscontrolling - Leergutverwaltung - Sperrlager • Produktion: - Fertigungsplanung- und steuerung - Auftragsbezogene Verfügbarkeitsrechnung - Unterstützung verschiedener Produktionsarbeiten - PPS-light für schnelle Abwicklung

Karmak Fusion

Karmak, Inc

Karmak Fusion is a comprehensive software solution designed for dealerships passing a performance milestone. The Accounting module of Karmak Fusion is fully integrated for the accounting department with special features for the unique demands of a heavy-duty business. Options include: •Accounts Payable and Receivable Management •Alternate Accounting Schedules •Core Tracking and Accounting •General Ledger Management •Miscellaneous Purchase Order Tracking Parts Inventory provides comprehensive control over inventory and pricing, and allows parts counter and warehouse operations to run more efficiently. The advanced features will help inventory managers increase inventory turns, reduce inventory costs and enhance profits on parts sales. Business Intelligence Combining powerful tools into one elegant solution, Business Intelligence allows critical business metrics to be tracked across an entire company through customized reports, dashboards, charts and other browser-based tools. •Flexible Report Building helps quickly highlight problem areas and allow flexible display options. •Analytical Tools consolidate data for an enterprise-wide view of a business. Sales and profit figures can be monitored by invoice and by day, compared against budgets. •Automatic Updates and Emails integrate with Microsoft Excel to upload data with the click of a button and can be scheduled to automatically update and email reports. •System-Generated Alerts allow notification by email when a specified event occurs or on a scheduled basis. •Paperless Archiving saves time and expense for document archiving. Reports can be assigned to be viewed by staff members and can be reviewed, emailed or printed. Karmak Fusion Sales is designed to capture and track the lifecycle of a unit in the sales department from creating the unit to the selling the unit and finally posting the accounting to the business system. The user-friendly software in Karmak Fusion Service provides the necessary tools to deliver excellent customer service. In addition, eTech and Remote Write-Up are included and run on portable PCs to meet specific needs of service operations. Karmak Fusion’s Lease/Rental allows businesses to simplify administrative tasks and improve efficiency and profitability of lease and rental operations. Options include: •Fixed Asset Depreciation Analysis •Lease and Rental Billing •Unit and Insurance Management •Contract Management •Preventive Maintenance Management

Admin Report Kit for Active Directory (ARKAD)

Vyapin Software Systems Private Limited

Admin Report Kit for Active Directory (ARKAD) is a powerful reporting application enabling IT Administrators to effectively manage their Active Directory environment through actionable reports on configuration information of objects related to Microsoft Active Directory. ARKAD through its strong value proposition helps you realize: - Increased ROI: does not mandate additional hardware; saves numerous man-hours in collecting data from the AD environment. - Leveraged IT investments through optimal resource utilization. - Secure business environment through reporting capabilities of ARK for Active Directory. Using ARKAD, you can effectively manage your AD environment through its following features: - Addresses internal audit and compliance needs such as the HIPPA and SOX. - Built In reports to retrieve frequently accessed information across Active Directory. - Summary and detailed information based on "frequency of occurrence" using the Insight tool. - AD Security Audit: Who has access to what in your AD. - AD Users and Groups Security information, including complex nested groups and multi-group memberships. - AD OUs, Delegation of administration, Group policies, Password settings etc. - Apply complex logical conditions to retrieve specific sub set of information and wildcard based string search to get precise information. ARKAD has a proven track record of enabling users to report about their Active Directory environment consisting of over 45 domains and 5000+ active users using Active Directory. ARKAD is a stand out from the rest because of its following differentiators: - Easy installation and subscription processes. - Easy integration with existing IT infrastructure without supplementary hardware specifications. - Easily configurable reports that does not require tedious end-user training.


SherTrack, LLC

Our company, SherTrack LLC, works to solve supply chain/scheduling needs of small, medium and large scale businesses in the process manufacturing arena. Our company’s new Web-based product, SNAPPS XL, is a First-of-a-Kind solution that automatically integrates data from your existing Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets into a sophisticated and very affordable planning board to quickly create production schedules for the small and medium business process manufacturer. With SNAPPS XL, customers can rapidly improve their manufacturing process and.... - Improve supply chain visibility - Improve customer service - Share schedules for both Intra and Inter-company collaboration & - Improve responsiveness With WebTop SNAPPS XL customers can quickly Ramp-up and run a state-of-the-art Graphical Planning Board with integrated KPI monitoring, Dynamic Alerts and Predictive Analytics to support a dynamic, more demand-driven manufacturing planning and scheduling response. This new Browser-based, Hosted solution includes a “Sand Box” environment to quickly evaluate “What-if” scenarios supporting ATP, Available-to-Promise and CTP, Capable-to-Promise or production schedule changes before committing key resources. Unlike traditional PUSH-supply chain solutions that can take more than 3-6 months to implement, SNAPPS XL requires No IT Integration, can be installed in as little as three weeks and payment can be made via credit card on a monthly, pay-as-you-go basis. SNAPPS XL can also be easily upgraded to include Automated Scheduling, Inventory Optimization, Maximum Profit Velocity and Predictive Manufacturing through SherTrack's "Pathway-to-Value" upgrade Stage Gates.