Hosted Services on Infinitis.IT


Vigilant.IT’s hosted infrastructure, has been designed and implemented with hosting and virtualisation in mind. The platform has been specifically developed to optimise the implementation and use of virtual environments based on Microsoft Hyper-V Hypervisor. The use of enterprise management tools, such as Microsoft System Centre suite, is key in this flexible, scalable and secure hosting system. Options within the range of services include: Hosted Email If having your business email hosted locally is important to your organisation, or a possible legal requirement, our Infinitis.IT Email Hosting service offers business-class email, calendar, and contacts on your choice of devices and browsers and all fully hosted locally in Australia. Suitable for businesses of all sizes, this service is an alternative to our Microsoft Office 365 offering which is hosted by Microsoft in Singapore. Hosted Workspace If you feel a little anxious about running expensive servers and hosting precious data in your own physical office, our Infinitis.IT Workspace service lets you host your entire infrastructure in our fully-protected cloud system. This is a great option for small businesses looking to create more flexibility and freedom in their work space. Workers can move between desks in the office and easily get access to their work from home. Hosted Monitoring The stability and recoverability of your network are critical to business success. Constant monitoring and fine-tuning of your IT infrastructure can help you take advantage of the products you have invested in and make sure there are no unexpected problems. Monitoring is achieved through Microsoft System Centre Operations Manager (SCOM) (version 2012). This service utilises an intelligent agent to monitor key system variables on your mission critical servers and applications. When a problem is detected, or a predefined threshold is exceeded, an alarm is immediately and automatically generated.

Windows 10 Migration


If your last Windows migration project was long, difficult and costly, you were certainly not alone – but it doesn’t need to be the same with Windows 10. Our Windows 10 Migration solution, built from over 15 years’ experience in the field, is the fastest route to a secure Windows 10 desktop environment, enabling our customers to achieve migrations at a rate 40,000 PCs per month. No other vendor provides all of the following: - A fully automated process that can be initiated by the user - Deployment of a secure Windows 10 desktop with each user’s data and apps ready to go - Migration that works the same whether these are PCs in your offices, ATMs and PoS devices in your branches or extremely remote PCs on oil rigs in the middle of the ocean The benefits of migrating with1E are listed below- Start secure Realize the potential of Windows 10 security through automated configuration of firmware (UEFI) and disk (GPT) Rapid, low cost deployment Customers achieve rates of 40,000 PCs migrated per month at an estimated cost below $10 per PC Consistent, business as usual One process and user experience for migration, new computers and rebuilds wherever they are required Applications under control Reduce compatibility testing and only deploy what is required Sit back and watch User-initiated, fully automated migration slashes deskside visits and infrastructure management Enduring value Self-service, content distribution and visibility of software usage deliver value long after the Windows 10 migration has completed

Assortment Planning

Britehouse Digital

Assortment planning was initiated with the goal of improving the assortment plans that the planners and buyers for a large retailer compile for their pre-season assortments. The solution enables junior planners to put together an assortment without needing the experience of an experienced planner. The application was built primarily using Microsoft Excel 2003 and VBA scripting. The business users required that the application had easy access with a familiar interface. The application was built using the following process:  -  The user would compile their budgets and plans in a product called Arthur Planning where they would capture their next season's targets as well as their store banding's. - This data would then be exported real time to a text file solution where SQL SSIS packages would import the data when available. - The user would then be able to download the applicable Excel workbook for his specific range code that he was working with. - Within the Excel workbook the user can refresh his Arthur Planning figures and product attribute figures dynamically. - Once refreshed the user follows a step by step process filling in the blanks on the various sheets until he was happy with his assortment. This could be done reiteratively where the user returns to Arthur Planning to change figures, export and then refresh with the excel work book. - Once the user is happy with the proposed plan, he would publish that plan real time to the server where SQL SSIS packages would transform and load the data required for the reporting and analysis. - The user can now run reports based on different levels for the roll-ups that he would require being department, category, or range code level. - There is also interim reporting available in the Excel workbook based on the data in the workbook. - The user could also use Proclarity to slice and dice the cubes to analyze his assortment in more detail.

Microsoft Cloud Edge (MCE) Gateway Appliance Series

Iron Networks, Inc

Unified Network Remote Access, End-Point Security and Cloud Connectivity Gateway Overview The IRON MCE series hardware appliance platform powered by Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 based Unified Remote Access technologies is the most comprehensive solution in the market enabling both secure remote user access and multi-cloud connectivity for all sizes companies. Turnkey, Microsoft Cloud Edge Gateway Solutions Key Features: -Comprehensive remote access based on future-proof Windows Server 2012 R2 technologies . Supports Microsoft DirectAccess VPN Gateway, Microsoft Web Application Proxy (WAP) Gateway, Microsoft Unified Access Gateway (UAG) , Microsoft Remote Desktop Gateway , Microsoft Threat Management Gateway (TMG), Microsoft Network Virtualization Gateway (NVGRE) and Riverbed Steel Head WAN Optimization in an integrated out-of-box security appliance solution. -Secure Site-to-Site VPN connectivity of corporate network to remote and branch offices, and hosted private clouds; Secure private cloud connectivity to Microsoft Azure public cloud; Secure private connectivity to Amazon AWS public cloud, and WAN optimization solution that delivers applications and data at the fastest speeds across the optimal networks at the lowest cost. -Secure and Seamless user experience through a wide variety of end-user devices support including home PCs, laptops, tablets, PDAs and smart phones, and BYOD applications support. -Consistent Access for on-premises, remote and mobile users, customers and partners for application hosted on-premises, in private or public clouds. -Granular access control, comprehensive end-point policy enforcement, auditing and monitoring across physical, virtual and cloud resources. Powerful Clustered-Hardware Platform, Supports Enterprise-wide Multi-Tenancy within a Single Appliance In the MCE appliance series, each virtual machine running DirectAccess, WAP, UAG, Site-to-Site, Public Cloud connectivity, WAN optimization or other remote access technology is independent and isolated from other customer tenants. Therefore, remote access technologies can be dedicated and isolated to specific customers allowing for multi-tenancy. One customer may only require DirectAccess while others may need a broader range of technologies. MCE architecture allows these various combinations of remote access technologies to co-exist on a single appliance.

VeriLoan (web tabanlı kredi otomasyon sistemi)


VeriLoan, finans kurumlarına yönelik Sharepoint altyapısı üzerinde geliştirilmiş web tabanlı bir kredi otomasyon sistemidir. Yazılım, süreç boyunca ilgili ürünün kredi politikası kurallarını zorlayarak daha hızlı geri dönüş süreleri sağlamaktadır. Bireysel Krediler, Mortgage Kredileri, Araç Finansmanı, Tüketici Finansmanı gibi tüm kredi süreçlerinin otomasyonu ve işletimi için kullanılabilmektedir. Temel Modülleri: • Onay Süreçleri • İş Kuralları Orkestrasyonu • Kuralları Bazlı Uygunluk • Ürün Yönetimi Kredi Tahsis Modülleri Uygunluk Analizi • İş Akışları - Özlük Bilgilerinin Kontrolü - Doküman Yönetimi • Rule Engine - Sistem Parametreleri Tanımı - Rule Tanımlamaları - Kredi Para Birimi • Entegrasyon Modülü - Kredi Kayıt Bürosu - TCMB Memzuç Kontrolü - Nüfus ve Vatandaşlık İşleri Genel Müdürlüğü - Adres Doğrulama Sistemi - Deprem Risk Veri Tabanı Kurumsal Performans ve Raporlama Sistemi Ana Modülleri • Kurumsal Performans ve Raporlama Sistemi - Prim Parametreleri Tanımı - Hedef Tanımlama - Aylık Prim Hesaplama - Prim Raporlama - Muhasebe Entegrasyonu • Broker Modülü - Kanal Yönetim Sistemi - Yeni Kanal ve Otorizasyon Tanımlama - Kullanıcılara Web Üzerinden Erişim - Prim ve Raporlama - Süreç ve Raporlama Servicing Modülleri • Tahsilat Yönetimi • İstihbarat • Tediye • Sigorta • Teminat • Yeniden Yapılandırma • Yeniden Finansman • Yatırımcılarla İlişkiler • Yatırımcı Raporlama • Doküman Yönetimi ve Postalama • İç Denetim • Raporlama • Muhasebe Sistemi ile Entegrasyon VeriLoan Altyapı Avantajları • Parametrik ürün yapısı ile kredi ürünlerini hızlı oluşturabilme ve devreye alabilme, • Task tabanlı yapı ile ekranların öğrenim süresi • Aynı yapıları birden fazla kanalda kullanabilme (proje ofisleri, emlakçılar, ekspertiz firmaları, avukatlık firmaları,vb.) • Kredi formundaki değişikliklere çabuk adaptasyon • Kredi tahsis süreçlerinin daha verimli çalışması • Kredi süreçlerinin hızlanması • Manuel süreçlerin ortadan kaldırılması • Süreçlerin dosya bazlı yürütülmesi

Email Hosting in Australia


Overview If having your business email hosted locally is important to your organisation, or a possible legal requirement, our Infinitis.IT Email Hosting service offers you business-class email, calendar, and contacts on your choice of devices and browsers, all fully hosted locally in Australia. Suitable for businesses of all sizes, this service is an alternative to our Office 365 offering which is hosted by Microsoft in Singapore. Infinitis.IT Email Hosting in Australia is cloud-based and managed using Microsoft Exchange Online - a hosted messaging solution that delivers the capabilities of Microsoft Exchange Server as a cloud-based service giving staff familiar access to their mailboxes, calendars, contacts, and tasks across PCs, the web, and mobile devices. It gives your team flexibility and provides your business with a safe and reliable email hosting solution. Business benefits: • All data stored, backed up and maintained in Australia giving you the ability to retrieve exactly what you need, when you need it, without delays (even archived files for former staff). • Unlimited mailbox sizes reducing the chance of bounce backs and missed mails. • Work from anywhere – No matter where they are working, your team can open and work on the latest version of a document and share it with colleagues. • Manage your email system efficiently. Manage user permissions, service settings, and more with a simplified web interface and powerful management tools. • Reliable email and calendars on the go - Access the latest email and calendars from your PC, Mac, web browser, Windows Phone, iPhone, Android phone and BlackBerry. Lost your mobile? You can wipe data from your device to prevent unauthorised access. • A safe and secure environment - get a winning combination of reliability, security, and support. Rely on 99.9% uptime guaranteed with a financially backed SLA, plus enterprise-grade anti-malware and anti-spam protection. Stay compliant with email archiving, retention policies, and optional legal hold. • Plus, easy and secure administration, financially backed reliability and predictable monthly costs with no up-front infrastructure costs.㈥

Exclaimer Anti-spam


Exclaimer Anti-spam is built to recognize spam in a uniquely advanced way, algorithmically identifying unusual volumes of similar messages being sent from multiple sources - key indicators of spam and botnets. The software uses the Recurrent Pattern Detection® engine from CYREN®, which is constantly monitoring email traffic worldwide and detecting global spam trends. Users only need to use one console to control everything, so we let you adjust Microsoft Exchange’s built-in anti-spam functionality through our interface. By analysing the context, not the content, it works in any language, even on images, and won't block a vital email just because it doesn't have a subject line. CYREN® is a communication security software company with 20-years’ worth of experience. It counts companies like Microsoft, Google, Toshiba and other massive, multi-national technology firms as their partners. Exclaimer Anti-spam combines the RPD engine from CYREN with your Microsoft server's built-in countermeasures so you get maximum power with minimum effort. Use it with Exchange 2007/2010/2013 or Small Business Server 2008/2011, and get it with Mail Utilities on your 2003 edition of Exchange or Small Business Server just download, install and start blocking spam. Plus, with Anti-spam, you get all the additional benefits you would expect from choosing a solution from one of the world's leading email utility companies. • A software-only option with no extra hardware required. • Control all of Exchange’s built-in anti-spam capabilities without using PowerShell or in the EMC. • Designed to be independent, you don’t need to check your spam-filter for missed emails or manually whitelist contacts. • Provides real-time functionality that gives you maximum protection the moment new spam techniques arise.