InfoKubes è un avanzato sistema software che consente la creazione e pubblicazione in modo semplice e veloce di Esperienze di Navigazione Interattive su qualsiasi device (PC, SmartPhone, Tablet, Table, PC con Kinect). InfoKubes di fatto fornisce una interfaccia centralizzata altamente intuitiva per la gestione dei contenuti, consentendo di rendere disponibili per la consultazione oggetti multimediali di ogni genere (filmati, immagini, interfacce di inserimento e presentazione dati, applicazioni, etc.) ed impostare l’esperienza di interazione (touchless, voice e touch) attraverso la scelta di comportamenti ed effetti predefiniti. In questo modo è possibile raggiungere il proprio target (utente, cliente, consumatore), ad esempio, presentando prodotti e servizi con immagini e video interattivi, cataloghi digitali, navigazioni multimediali. Ma non solo: è possibile utilizzare numerosi effetti di interazione (Mirror che utilizza webcam, lavagna digitale, etc.) che rendono molto piacevole ed innovativa l’esperienza utente. InfoKubes è composto dai seguenti Moduli che rispondono a differenti ambiti di applicazione: ■ IK Kiosk: soluzione per punti informativi digitali. ■ IK Learning: soluzione per formazione interattiva (Learning). ■ IK Commerce: soluzione per vetrine digitali. ■ IK GeoMarketing: soluzione per analisi e statistiche di consultazione e vendita. ■ IK Interface: sistemi console avanzata di visualizzazione di eventi di sicurezza e monitoraggio. InfoKubes nasce per essere disponibile su tutti i device contemporaneamente e real time: ■ PC Windows 8, con iterazione classica via Web, Touch e Voice. ■ PC e Kinect, con interazione Touchless (Body Tracking e Voice). ■ SmartPhone, tramite App Windows Phone 8 con interazione Touch e Voice. ■ Tablet, tramite App per Windows 8 con interazione Touch e Voice. ■ Tavolo, con interazione Touch. InfoKubes mantiene tutti i contenuti su risorse Microsoft Cloud (Windows Azure) e consente quindi di essere aggiornato centralmente in maniera semplice, rendendo immediatamente disponibili su tutti i device gli aggiornamenti. VANTAGGI ■ Innalzamento della qualità della comunicazione. ■ Coinvolgimento dell’utente nella ricerca e utilizzo di servizi e informazioni. ■ Semplicità di gestione e aggiornamento dei contenuti. ■ Bassi costi di infrastruttura hw. ■ Riduzione dei costi operativi di gestione della comunicazione. ■ Abbattimento dei costi per la stampa e la diffusione di informazioni e cataloghi.

Microsoft Software New Licenses and Annual Enhancements

Resolve Immix

The Microsoft Licensing model is designed to provide its customers with flexibility and options to fit all company needs and budgets. However, this diversity can mean that implementing the right solution for you requires expert guidance. ​In order to avoid compromising the infrastructure and IT foundations that you have so carefully implemented, you need to understand what your business requires in the way of licensing. Let’s start with the basics. What’s Licensing? It is an agreement between your business and the software vendor to give you the rights to use the software that you have purchased. It can dictate how many users in your business are permitted to use the software and whether you are allowed to make copies of the software (for back up purchases). Why should you purchase licenses for your software? You shouldn’t only purchase your licenses because the law says so (and severe penalties can be incurred), but rather because it minimises risks for your software, infrastructure and business. Your licenses are a key asset to your business. They offer you greater capabilities and allow you to integrate with other hardware, software and services. By keeping your licenses up to date, you will receive the latest product features and updates, security updates and support and ongoing improvements, enabling you and your business to operate at maximum efficiency while making the most of your software purchases. What licensing options are right for your business? Resolve Immix offers two options for your licensing requirements: Leasing and outright purchase, with differences in flexibility and benefits between the two. Our software licensing services are thorough: we look at the specific needs of each business and then advise on the most appropriate Microsoft license.

StorageCraft ImageManager


StorageCraft ImageManger enables you to organize and manage your backup image files created with best-in-class StorageCraft ShadowProtect disaster recovery technology: ImageManager provides numerous ways to organize and manage your backup image files created with ShadowProtect: • Rapidly replicate backup images to onsite storage, your own cloud, the StorageCraft Cloud, or other replication targets* • Use performance replication throttling to regulate maximum transfer speeds during peak business hours • Consolidate your backup images to save storage space • Set retention policies for local and offsite backup images • Pre-stage backups as a virtual machine before disaster strikes with StorageCraft HeadStart Restore® technology With StorageCraft ImageManager you can: • Complete LAN- and WAN-based replication* • Replicate incremental files offsite while populating and sending a base image on a drive • Enjoy accelerated offsite replication to your private cloud with ShadowStream™ * and intelligentFTP™ technologies* • Seed the StorageCraft Cloud using functionality based on intelligentFTP • Use performance replication throttling to regulate maximum transfer speeds during peak business hours • Set retention policies for local and offsite backup images • Free up disk space with consolidation of monthly backup image files into a rolling single file (requires ShadowProtect 5 or newer backup images) • Eliminate unused space in backup image files to save storage space onsite and offsite with enhanced collapse and consolidation • Verify and re-verify backup images to ensure readiness to recover • Get email notification of backup image status Recover in minutes with patented HeadStart Restore * Offsite replication requires ShadowStream or intelligentFTP. ShadowStream, intelligentFTP, and HeadStart Restore jobs require a license fee.

Healthcare Business Intelligence (BI), Health Analytics, HL7


Is there health data sitting in your organization that is not being utilized? Does your current or planned health analytic strategy integrate all data across the organization? It is very difficult to paint an overall picture of health while missing pieces of the puzzle. A data source that is not relevant today, may be relevant in the future, and you may realize that the ignored data source is the missing puzzle piece that is the catalyst to transformational change. As healthcare organizations face increasing pressures to improve performance and quality of care, many are turning to the implementation of health analytics and business intelligence solutions. By implementing Microsoft business intelligence and information management solutions combined with the direct utilization of HL7 messages and Dapasoft’s Corolar CDR, your healthcare organization will be able to access data sources and have the ability to analyze the data in an easily understandable format. Including as many data sources as possible, and providing for future flexibility into your integration strategy, provides you a great opportunity to leverage longitudinal decision well into the future. A supportive integration strategy will also allow you to easily connect and include future data sources that were either not in-scope or did not exist when your initial solution was being implemented. This approach also ensures that no stone is left unturned when trying to find answers to questions that have typically not been asked before. Our BI services include: • Information integration • Data management • Data warehousing • Health Data Anonymization These services are all designed to improve the speed and quality of your organization's decision making processes, regulatory compliance, financial management and customer service. Dapasoft's BI solutions are designed to facilitate confident decision making at all levels of your organization, allowing you to concentrate on achieving organizational goals.

SharePoint Alerts and Reminders Web Part by Virto

Virto Commerce

SharePoint alerts and notifications are essential features that allow users to effectively work on their tasks and always be on schedule. Though alerts in SharePoint are flexible, they often require additional adjustment and detailed customization. SharePoint Alerts and Reminders provides users with this additional adjustment tool. Now you can create your own SharePoint alert in an instant, and allow it to be sent to a specific user or a group of sharepoint users. An important feature with the SharePoint Alerts and Reminder Web Part is the ability to create your own SharePoint alerts in Rich Text format. You can also define the frequency of SharePoint alerts by simple choosing one of the following options: send alert immediately, hourly, daily or weekly. SharePoint alerts can also be sent within a specified timetable (i.e., send email or sms alert only within business hours — from 8 AM to 5 PM). All of this can then be combined into a single ticket. When you enable this feature, all of your SharePoint alerts will be assembled into a single email instead of being sent in several email messages. Finally, SharePoint Alerts and Reminders web part allows sending SharePoint alerts and notifications not only as e-mail alerts, but also as SMS alerts or via instant messengers like Jabber or Miranda. Another feature of the SharePoint Alerts and Reminders web part is the Custom Filtering System. This allows users to create complex terms and conditions for sending SharePoint alerts. An example would be for you to receive SharePoint notifications when your task is complete or the percentage of completion is more than 90%. The option of Custom Templates makes it possible to create the Body of the SharePoint Alert message within seconds. The Virto SharePoint Alert and Reminder Message Templates enables users to use different tags in the HTML-based template body. The tags are replaced with the Alert List column fields and other elements while the message is being drafted. Advantages of Virto Sharepoint Alerts & Reminders Web Part Extended Alerting Capabilities Easy to Deploy and Use SMTP and XMPP Support

CRM pentru servicii profesioniste

Totalsoft SA

Soluția Charisma CRM se bazează pe tehnologie Microsoft Dynamics CRM și unifică toate informațiile legate de partenerii unei companii furnizoare de servicii diverse. Procesele departamentelor de vânzări, marketing și suport clienţi sunt interconectate prin intermediul funcționalităților de tip CRM și eficientizate în vederea dezvoltării și păstrării loialității clienţilor, creşterii veniturilor, furnizării de servicii consecvente şi de calitate clienților companiei şi, în final, să evalueze asupra căror clienţi să se concentreze. MODUL VÂNZĂRI Modulul Vânzări optimizează operaţiunile de vânzări cu ajutorul funcţionalităţilor inteligente şi uşor de folosit ale MS Dynamics CRM. Oferă o interfaţă extrem de intuitivă, iar capacităţile integrate ale Microsoft Office permit sporirea timpulului alocat clienţilor, reducerea duratei ciclului de vânzare, creşterea numărului de vânzări finalizate şi creşterea viziblităţii în timp real asupra afacerii. MODUL SERVICIU DE RELAȚII CU CLIENȚII Microsoft Dynamics CRM oferă o soluție robustă şi flexibilă pentru managementul serviciilor pentru clienți. Utilizatorii pot beneficia de o funcţionalitate şi o interfaţă familiare, care le permit să îşi desfăşoare activitatea într-un mediu personalizat. Soluţia le oferă asistenţă profesioniştilor din domeniul serviciului pentru relaţii cu clienţii, prezentându-le o perspectivă a proceselor şi acţiunile de urmat, pas cu pas. Toate acestea duc la o organizaţie caracterizată prin conectare, colaborare şi integrare. MODUL MARKETING Microsoft Dynamics CRM oferă o soluţie de management al activităţilor de marketing cu ajutorul unui CRM flexibil, uşor de utilizat şi proiectat pentru a se potrivi afacerii dumneavoastră. Modulul permite transformarea fiecărui punct de contact într-o oportunitate de marketing şi ajută la decoperirea potenţialulului bazei de clienţi. Funcționalitățile de marketing predefinite şi instrumentele de raportare inteligente din Microsoft Dynamics CRM, permit obţinerea de vânzări mai eficiente, îmbunătăţirea productivităţii şi vizibilităţii asupra rezultatelor activităţilor de marketing.