Exclaimer Anti-spam


Exclaimer Anti-spam is built to recognize spam in a uniquely advanced way, algorithmically identifying unusual volumes of similar messages being sent from multiple sources - key indicators of spam and botnets. The software uses the Recurrent Pattern Detection® engine from CYREN®, which is constantly monitoring email traffic worldwide and detecting global spam trends. Users only need to use one console to control everything, so we let you adjust Microsoft Exchange’s built-in anti-spam functionality through our interface. By analysing the context, not the content, it works in any language, even on images, and won't block a vital email just because it doesn't have a subject line. CYREN® is a communication security software company with 20-years’ worth of experience. It counts companies like Microsoft, Google, Toshiba and other massive, multi-national technology firms as their partners. Exclaimer Anti-spam combines the RPD engine from CYREN with your Microsoft server's built-in countermeasures so you get maximum power with minimum effort. Use it with Exchange 2007/2010/2013 or Small Business Server 2008/2011, and get it with Mail Utilities on your 2003 edition of Exchange or Small Business Server just download, install and start blocking spam. Plus, with Anti-spam, you get all the additional benefits you would expect from choosing a solution from one of the world's leading email utility companies. • A software-only option with no extra hardware required. • Control all of Exchange’s built-in anti-spam capabilities without using PowerShell or in the EMC. • Designed to be independent, you don’t need to check your spam-filter for missed emails or manually whitelist contacts. • Provides real-time functionality that gives you maximum protection the moment new spam techniques arise.

Aplikacja Zliczania Umów Znaczących (ZUZ)


The application allows you to timely and accurate information to meet, which is the responsibility of the public companies. The system counts the value of documents, informs about the need to report a significant agreement at the time of exceeding the set by the FSC the asset ceiling and allows you to prepare a report for ESPI. Built into the application of ready-made reports allows you to monitor the current activity of the company and its dependent entities for the implementation of information obligations. The application allows you to collect and store information about the documents (contracts, invoices, contracts), the sum of whose values may cause obwiązek report a significant agreement. The system supports activities related to informing people about the obligation to, it also allows you to prepare a comprehensive report for ESPI. The solution may aggregate data from different sources and systems. Takes into account the specific nature of the collection of information from subsidiaries, with different systems and ways of reporting. Data can be collected directly from the ERP system by shared network services, as well as through a dedicated importing mechanisms (e.g., import from Excel files, etc.) or manually, using a prepared set of forms. The application includes a set of reports to facilitate the supervision of performed actions. These provide information about historical reports and components (documents), which resulted in an instance of the duty of notification. The app also keeps track of user activity reporting from subsidiaries. Thanks to public company avoids situations where important from the point of view of the duty of notification data is not transmitted to it by the subsidiaries. Access to the application is implemented using a Web browser. The notification mechanism actively informs users about the upcoming having to report a significant agreement (e-mail or SMS). Business benefits • Strengthening the image of the company by reliable and quick to inform investors about important events. • monitoring of the implementation of the sstanu transactions including capital groups and individual entities. • support those responsible for the publication of the significant information in the process of preparing the report • surveillance reporting an users with affiliates.

Saasabi for Visual Studio Online

Saasabi Pty Ltd

Saasabi for Visual Studio Online gives developers the ability to perform ad-hoc queries via an out-of-the-box set of cubes that run against all of the data captured in Visual Studio Online as well as some calculated data that is not natively available in VSO. Saasabi for VSO is delivered as a cloud-based software as a service offering and provides capabilities similar to those currently available for Visual Studio via Analysis Services. Features: • Single or multi-tenanted, out-of-the-box set of cubes for ad-hoc analysis and reporting against Visual Studio Online • Automatic provisioning of cubes for analysis • Query using Power BI, Excel or any other OData-consuming interface and design your own dashboards • Create your own calculated values using Visual Studio Online data for deeper analysis • Fine-grained, role-based security model • Easily upgrade for access to additional data sources such as time-sheet or financial information Benefits: • Ability to perform your own ad-hoc queries and reports rather than relying on the standard reports that are supplied with Visual Studio Online • Comprehensive reporting on every piece of data captured by Visual Studio Online as well as additional calculated values, enabling greater insights on all aspects of a project • Simplified data governance and enhanced data security as all data resides on the Azure platform vs exporting data to an on-premise or alternative system • Ease of deployment. Saasabi for VSO will automatically connect to your Visual Studio Online instance and be ready for querying within minutes using familiar end-user tools such as Microsoft Excel and Power BI.

Business Analytics and Data Management Professional Services


To have that competitive edge and sustainability, innovations and decisions made for the business must be substantiated by facts through in-depth analysis and understanding of the business. Having a properly deployed Business Analytics and Data Management solution provides the foundation for such needs. At Fusionex, we do not just implement and deploy a business intelligence solution. We try to understand your business; drill through and understand what works and don’t for your business; we assess your data readiness and devise a data transformation plan and strategy with the end goal of providing a matured, holistic business intelligence platform with accurate business information that helps you make informed decisions to drive your businesses. As one of the most recognized and reputable Business Analytics and Intelligence solution provider, we offer the following differentiations and value propositions: - We possess in-depth domain knowledge across a multitude of industries; some of which comes with industry data model that is proven to be scalable. It also provides opportunities to our clients to fully leverage on these data models to adopt industry best practices; further streamlining and standardizing processes and operations. - Industry insights. With our strong pedigree and close-knit relationship with industry leaders such as Microsoft in this arena, we possesses in-depth knowledge of latest industry trends; and are influential in driving new features and functionalities into future releases of corresponding solutions from these industry leaders.

SharePoint Alerts and Reminders Web Part by Virto

Virto Commerce

SharePoint alerts and notifications are essential features that allow users to effectively work on their tasks and always be on schedule. Though alerts in SharePoint are flexible, they often require additional adjustment and detailed customization. SharePoint Alerts and Reminders provides users with this additional adjustment tool. Now you can create your own SharePoint alert in an instant, and allow it to be sent to a specific user or a group of sharepoint users. An important feature with the SharePoint Alerts and Reminder Web Part is the ability to create your own SharePoint alerts in Rich Text format. You can also define the frequency of SharePoint alerts by simple choosing one of the following options: send alert immediately, hourly, daily or weekly. SharePoint alerts can also be sent within a specified timetable (i.e., send email or sms alert only within business hours — from 8 AM to 5 PM). All of this can then be combined into a single ticket. When you enable this feature, all of your SharePoint alerts will be assembled into a single email instead of being sent in several email messages. Finally, SharePoint Alerts and Reminders web part allows sending SharePoint alerts and notifications not only as e-mail alerts, but also as SMS alerts or via instant messengers like Jabber or Miranda. Another feature of the SharePoint Alerts and Reminders web part is the Custom Filtering System. This allows users to create complex terms and conditions for sending SharePoint alerts. An example would be for you to receive SharePoint notifications when your task is complete or the percentage of completion is more than 90%. The option of Custom Templates makes it possible to create the Body of the SharePoint Alert message within seconds. The Virto SharePoint Alert and Reminder Message Templates enables users to use different tags in the HTML-based template body. The tags are replaced with the Alert List column fields and other elements while the message is being drafted. Advantages of Virto Sharepoint Alerts & Reminders Web Part Extended Alerting Capabilities Easy to Deploy and Use SMTP and XMPP Support

Microsoft Software New Licenses and Annual Enhancements

Resolve Immix

The Microsoft Licensing model is designed to provide its customers with flexibility and options to fit all company needs and budgets. However, this diversity can mean that implementing the right solution for you requires expert guidance. ​In order to avoid compromising the infrastructure and IT foundations that you have so carefully implemented, you need to understand what your business requires in the way of licensing. Let’s start with the basics. What’s Licensing? It is an agreement between your business and the software vendor to give you the rights to use the software that you have purchased. It can dictate how many users in your business are permitted to use the software and whether you are allowed to make copies of the software (for back up purchases). Why should you purchase licenses for your software? You shouldn’t only purchase your licenses because the law says so (and severe penalties can be incurred), but rather because it minimises risks for your software, infrastructure and business. Your licenses are a key asset to your business. They offer you greater capabilities and allow you to integrate with other hardware, software and services. By keeping your licenses up to date, you will receive the latest product features and updates, security updates and support and ongoing improvements, enabling you and your business to operate at maximum efficiency while making the most of your software purchases. What licensing options are right for your business? Resolve Immix offers two options for your licensing requirements: Leasing and outright purchase, with differences in flexibility and benefits between the two. Our software licensing services are thorough: we look at the specific needs of each business and then advise on the most appropriate Microsoft license.