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Accantum GmbH

Our company Accantum GmbH meets the requirements of small and mittlerständischer companies in a wide variety of industries to an archive system. Customers can take advantage of the following benefits of our product: Access to comprehensive information: all Documents are stored in one place and you can easily access them via a browser. High acceptance and low costs due to fast introduction and easy operation. Low investment costs in the workplace, as no additional hardware or software has to be purchased through browser technology. Third party hosting saves IT infrastructure costs and thus lowers operating costs. [Accantum] allows customers to keep their entire documents readable in the long term and securely manage them, regardless of document type. These are also available after years of revision-proof. Long-term archiving results in the independence of the software products/versions used. The documents are audit-proof, long-term archived and conform to legal regulations. [Accantum] offers customers an important advantage: documents of any kind can be researched from the archive in a matter of seconds. In comparison to the paper archive, cost savings of up to 70% are achieved. This results from lower space costs as well as considerably lower expenses for filing and searching documents within the company. In contrast to our competitors ' products, which usually involve higher licensing costs as well as more effort for introduction and training, our solutions are cheaper to implement faster and easy to learn. The innovative product [Accantum] has been certified by the Wirtschaftsrpüfungs company WPG. You will receive a free 30-day trial version from us or you can try ACCANTUM on our online Demosever. [Accantum] was nominated for the It Innovation Award 2010.

Enterprise Mobility Services - Microsoft Red Carpet Partner


You want all of your workers to be both as productive as possible whilst being able to work from any type of device in any place, anywhere at anytime whilst ensuring that you protect their identitiy and your precious corporate data. With our background in providing secure operating systems and applications to desktops, our in depth knowledge of Microsoft’s latest Enterprise Mobility solutions and our extensive support capability, we can help you envision, implement and maintain an effective device management solution that will help you get to grips with the management of your end users, allowing them work in both a proactive and secure manner With the ever increasing demands from your users to be able to work from many different devices in smarter ways you don’t want them to be constrained by a mandated device, but instead want to be able to allow them to choose one that suits them best, or better yet, use their own. But this new found way of working can come at a price, with mobile device scenarios being implemented that allow your staff to work freely, opening doors to data leakage, identity fraud and even hackers. Utlising Microsoft System Center, Intune, Azure Active Directory Premium, Azure Rights Management and Inframon’s cloud transformations services you can start to build a unified device management platform which is consistent across your desktops, servers and devices and uses the latest cloud based technologies from a single pane of glass. Inframon understand the challenges facing desktop support teams and can ensure that your devices are secure your apps delivered to end users are managed and users identity is protected. We bring both the experience and know how to both deliver and support a modern desktop environment. Inframon Provide the following services: • Microsoft EMS Enablement • BYOD and CYOD Enablement • MDM and MAM enablement • Remote Access & Identity • Rights Management • Dynamic Application Delivery • Endpoint Management and Data Security • Windows Desktop Deployment

Implementatie Office 365 | Wederverkoper

Thysia Information Management

Thysia is wederverkoper van het Microsoft product Office365. Thysia ondersteunt hierin door middel van consultancy, implementatie (migratie, installatie, configuratie) en onderhoud en beheer. Met Office365 kan iedereen gemakkelijk samenwerken en overal toegang krijgen tot e-mail, webvergaderingen, documenten en agenda's. Office 365 biedt een hoogwaardige beveiliging en wordt ondersteund door Microsoft. Met Office365 heeft u snel toegang tot de volgende diensten: - Office Professional Plus: Het biedt een volledige, geavanceerde Office-omgeving waarbij u altijd over de meest recente versies van alle Office-desktoptoepassingen beschikt. - Exchange Online: Met Office 365 hebt u op elk moment en vanuit vrijwel iedere locatie toegang tot e-mail, agenda's en contactpersonen. Dit is mogelijk vanaf desktops, laptops en mobiele apparaten - SharePoint Online: Microsoft SharePoint Server-technologie, aangeboden als onlineservice, maakt de mogelijkheden van werken in de cloud beschikbaar voor uw organisatie. Met SharePoint Online kunt u sites maken om documenten en informatie te delen met collega's en klanten - Lync Online: Lync Online zorgt ervoor dat de communicatie met collega's, klanten en partners niet meer van toevalligheden afhangt en vormt een interactieve, interessante en effectieve oplossing. Het helpt IT-beheerders bovendien machtigingen en beleid voor eindgebruikers in te stellen, terwijl de kosten van de infrastructuur afnemen.

Business Analytics and Data Management Professional Services


To have that competitive edge and sustainability, innovations and decisions made for the business must be substantiated by facts through in-depth analysis and understanding of the business. Having a properly deployed Business Analytics and Data Management solution provides the foundation for such needs. At Fusionex, we do not just implement and deploy a business intelligence solution. We try to understand your business; drill through and understand what works and don’t for your business; we assess your data readiness and devise a data transformation plan and strategy with the end goal of providing a matured, holistic business intelligence platform with accurate business information that helps you make informed decisions to drive your businesses. As one of the most recognized and reputable Business Analytics and Intelligence solution provider, we offer the following differentiations and value propositions: - We possess in-depth domain knowledge across a multitude of industries; some of which comes with industry data model that is proven to be scalable. It also provides opportunities to our clients to fully leverage on these data models to adopt industry best practices; further streamlining and standardizing processes and operations. - Industry insights. With our strong pedigree and close-knit relationship with industry leaders such as Microsoft in this arena, we possesses in-depth knowledge of latest industry trends; and are influential in driving new features and functionalities into future releases of corresponding solutions from these industry leaders.

IT Service Management nach ITIL V.3 für die Deutsche Post DHL


Was die COMPAREX-Lösung leistet: Verwaltung von Hard- und Software: Im Configuration Management System werden neben den aktuellen Attributen und Beziehungen der Configuration Items auch die historischen Informationen gespeichert. Damit kann einerseits die Erfüllung der Serviceaufträge überwacht werden. Anderseits können bei der Ursachenermittlung von Fehlfunktionen (Incidents) sehr einfach fehlerhafte Konfigurationsänderungen erkannt werden. Mittelabfluss: Die Darstellung des Mittelabflusses für variable, fixe sowie Einmalkosten für die betriebenen Anwendungen und Arbeitsplatzsysteme (APS)ermög-lichen einen schnellen Überblick über die Kostenstruktur. Servicekatalog: Der Aufbau eines versionierten, multiprovider-fähigen Service-Kataloges optimiert die Planung und Beauftragung von IT Services. Softwaremanagement: Im Bereich des Software- managements erfolgt die Softwareverteilung über sogenannter Softwareprofile. Die Planung dieser Profile wird dabei durch umfangreiche Verwaltungsfunktionen unterstützt. Anhand der realen Konfigurationsdaten kann jederzeit die Umsetzung der Profilplanung kontrolliert werden. Ausnahmestelle: Die Bearbeitung von Anträgen zu Abweichungen von der Profilkonfiguration wird in einer zentralen Ausnahmestelle durchgeführt. Der dazu notwendige Genehmigungsprozess ist durch die Lösung abgedeckt. Datenvalidierung: Die automatische Prüfung der Daten an den Schnittstellen und in der CMDB auf Basis dynamisch anpassbarer Validierungsregeln lässt Unstimmigkeiten frühzeitig erkennen. Ebenso können Mängel bei der Datenpflege aufgezeigt werden. Multiproviderfähigkeit: Im Bereich Outsourcing stellen die IT Provider das Gros der Konfigurationsdaten zur Verfügung. Dies stellt besonders hohe Ansprüche an die Datenhaltung und -aktualisierung. Die technische Realisierung erfolgte mittels einer optimierten ORACLE 11g Datenbank für die Massendatenverarbeitung sowie einer mit Microsoft .NET entwickelten Mehrschichtapplikation mit einem zentralen Service Layer. Folgende Zugangsmöglichkeiten sind für die Mitarbeiter des IT Service Managements verfügbar: • Weboberfläche mit dem vollen Funktionsumfang der CMDB • Offline-fähiger Windows Client für das Order-Management inkl. IT-Servicekatalog • Business Intelligence mittels OLAP Datawareh