Netcompany har igennem mere end 10 år vist at vi endog i meget komplekse virksomheder hurtigt etablerer et overblik over forretningens behov og prioritet, samtidig med at vi har respekt og detaljeret indsigt i modelleringen af hver enkel forretningsproces og dennes systemunderstøttelse. En udbrudt række af succesfulde it-leverancer taler sit eget sprog. Netcompanys projektledelse og fokus på rettidig leverance til tid og på budget danner skole for den danske it-branche. Netcompany bygger forretningskritiske forretningsapplikationer på moderne teknologi i Microsoft .NET eller Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE), hvilket giver fremtidssikrede, modulære, skalerbare og fleksible løsninger. Den moderne teknologi giver også løsninger som understøttes af et væld af tredjepartsprodukter, og en stor lokal og global udviklingskompetence. Alle Netcompanys forretningsapplikationer er baserede på SOA principper, hvor funktionalitet eksponeres som web services. Dette gør det usynligt for resten af systemlandskabet, hvilken platform forretningsapplikationen er baseret på. Vi stiller således med et projektteam, som taler forretningens sprog, har dyb teknologisk forståelse og garanterer leverance til aftalt tid og budget. Netcompany’s erfaringer og teknologibase, understøtter en bred vifte af forretningsapplikationer. Nedenstående er kun nogle udvalgte eksempler: • Selvbetjeningsløsninger • Planlægningssystemer • Masterdata management systemer • Applikationer/moduler for specialiserede forretningsregler • Fokuserede og målrettede økonomisystemer • Kundehåndtering (CRM)

ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) and Data Integration Services

Dimensional Strategies Inc

Let DSI transform your raw data into meaningful business intelligence by deploying a Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) solution. Our in-house team develops high-performance data solutions to be used across your enterprise leveraging our pre-built ETL framework and templates. We provide all the tools and methods necessary to extract conclusive business intelligence from disparate corporate data. We build and secure your transformation packages, load and cleanse your data, establish workflows, and optimize the performance of your solutions * Combine industry or subscriber data (Nielson, IMS, Liquor Board etc.) with your Finance, HR or Operations data * Leverage our pre-built ETL templates * You get our robust, framework and methods * Secure packages using encryption, roles, signatures, and permissions * We deploy in-memory lookups and transformations using the Microsoft Data Flow Engine * We can even extend the Microsoft functionality using custom scripts and .NET components * We can Migrate your Data Transformation Services (DTS) 2000 and SSIS 2005 packages DSI is one of the top Microsoft Professional Services Partners in Canada. We help our public and private sector clients make better, more timely business decisions by enabling their key processes and improving their information access capabilities. We hold four Microsoft Competencies: Gold Competencies for Business Intelligence and Web Development; and Silver Competencies for Data Platform and Independent Software Development (ISV).

SharePoint KMS ( Knowledge Management System )

Bitscape Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Every business runs and achieves success based on knowledge. If the businesses are backed by knowledge and reliable information, they will get huge profits and loyal customers’ base too. SharePoint integration of KMS will deliver businesses a completely synchronized management of information and knowledge. SharePoint integration of KMS provides reliable and powerful content management system that helps in creation of valuable and authentic content. KMS integration also ensures re-usability of content and also eases navigation. With KMS integrated, the organization will have leading edge in terms of organization intelligence as well as help in resourcing the business. It is the result of integration of KMS that employee and staff can go for knowledge browsing and navigation. Bitscape is amongst the top leaders in SharePoint integration with KMS. Our experienced team has an in depth knowledge on Microsoft SharePoint and as the result of which, clients are benefitted. At Bitscape, we are committed to our work and ensure that our clients have benefits of running the business by scaling huge profits. We keep in our mind to give you the best all round SharePoint Modification and Integration services that meet specific business requirements. At Bitscape, we have the knack and yearning desire to use power of SharePoint in knowledge management. If you are keen on knowing about the SharePoint Integration with KMS give us a call. Alternatively, you can also Email us your specific needs and our executive will get in touch within 24 business hours. We welcome your requirements on SharePoint Integration with KMS. We are always there to listen to your requirements and offer you the best.

[accantum] webbasierte DMS und Archivlösung

Accantum GmbH

Our company Accantum GmbH meets the requirements of small and mittlerständischer companies in a wide variety of industries to an archive system. Customers can take advantage of the following benefits of our product: Access to comprehensive information: all Documents are stored in one place and you can easily access them via a browser. High acceptance and low costs due to fast introduction and easy operation. Low investment costs in the workplace, as no additional hardware or software has to be purchased through browser technology. Third party hosting saves IT infrastructure costs and thus lowers operating costs. [Accantum] allows customers to keep their entire documents readable in the long term and securely manage them, regardless of document type. These are also available after years of revision-proof. Long-term archiving results in the independence of the software products/versions used. The documents are audit-proof, long-term archived and conform to legal regulations. [Accantum] offers customers an important advantage: documents of any kind can be researched from the archive in a matter of seconds. In comparison to the paper archive, cost savings of up to 70% are achieved. This results from lower space costs as well as considerably lower expenses for filing and searching documents within the company. In contrast to our competitors ' products, which usually involve higher licensing costs as well as more effort for introduction and training, our solutions are cheaper to implement faster and easy to learn. The innovative product [Accantum] has been certified by the Wirtschaftsrpüfungs company WPG. You will receive a free 30-day trial version from us or you can try ACCANTUM on our online Demosever. [Accantum] was nominated for the It Innovation Award 2010.

WÜRTHPHOENIX Speedy+, la soluzione CRM per le vendite su base Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Würth Phoenix S.r.l.

Würth Phoenix vi offre la soluzione software completa per la gestione dei clienti e dell’intero processo di vendita: Speedy+ si basa su Microsoft Dynamics CRM e nasce dalla pluriennale esperienza maturata nell’ambito di progetti per l’automazione della forza vendita per aziende europee. La soluzione amplia l´offerta di Microsoft Dynamics CRM puntando sulle seguenti funzionalità aggiuntive: Pianificazione visite: - Generazione automatica di proposte di visita sulla base di parametri definiti a livello di cliente (giorno della settimana, frequenza,..) - Gestione delle presenze/assenze dei venditori durante la generazione delle proposte di visita - Alla conferma del piano di visite, trasformazione automatica delle proposte di visita in appuntamenti del calendario - Semplice personalizzazione del piano visite attraverso il Drag&Drop - Pianificazione ottimale dei tempi lavorativi Miglioramenti nella registrazione ordini e offerte: – Supporto per Cross- e Upselling – Accesso allo storico ordini e fatture – Gestione di sconti e provvigioni – Registrazione posizioni in griglia (simile a Microsoft Excel) – Predisposizione all‘ integrazione di lettori barcode e penne digitali – Gestione rimanenze – Informazioni sullo status della consegna della merce Miglioramenti nella gestione di prezzi e sconti – Gestione delle convenzioni a livello di cliente – Listini a differenti livelli della struttura commerciale – Prezzi netti per articoli e sconti su gruppi di articoli – Consultazione prezzi semplice ed intuitiva Note di accredito: – Registrazione note di accredito – Accesso e riferimento allo storico fatture – Generazione automatica nota di accredito sulla base di una fattura – Ritorno merce Gestione incassi: – Visualizzazione partite aperte – Semplice registrazione incassi per la forza vendita Rapportini visita e rapportini giornalieri: – Registrazione spese – Ore lavorate – Registrazione di altre informazioni statistiche – Gestione esito visite Integrazione con sistemi ERP (Middleware): – Integrazioni sulla base di SQL Server Integration Services – Database di Staging per la gestione dell’aggiornamento dati quotidiani – Accoppiamento tra chiavi CRM e chiavi ERP – Mappatura grafica tra campi sorgente e campi destinazione – Possibilità di gestione delle modifiche lato CRM come proposte lato ERP

FlexPod with Microsoft Private Cloud


The FlexPod with Microsoft Private Cloud solution is a joint reference implementation for building private clouds that combines Microsoft software, consolidated guidance, and validated configurations with hardware partner technology, including computing power, network and storage architectures, and value-added software components. Business Value: FlexPod with Microsoft Private Cloud helps organizations implement private clouds with increased ease and confidence. Among the benefits of the solution are faster deployment, reduced risk, and a lower cost of ownership. Risk is reduced, because the solution: - Is tested for end-to-end interoperability of compute, storage, and network - Offers predefined, out-of-box solutions based on a common cloud architecture that has already been tested and validated - Provides a high degree of service availability through automated load balancing Lower cost of ownership benefits include: - A cost-optimized platform and software-independent solution for rack system integration - High performance and scalability with Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V - Minimized backup times and fulfilled recovery time objectives for each business-critical environment Technical Benefits: The FlexPod with Microsoft Private Cloud solution integrates best-in-class hardware implementations with Microsoft software to create a reference implementation. This solution was co-developed by NetApp, and Cisco, and it has been validated by Microsoft for the Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track program. Faster deployment is made possible by: - End-to-end architectural and deployment guidance - Streamlined infrastructure planning due to predefined capacity - Enhanced functionality and automation through deep knowledge of infrastructure - Integrated management for virtual machine (VM) and infrastructure deploy

Windows 10 Migration


If your last Windows migration project was long, difficult and costly, you were certainly not alone – but it doesn’t need to be the same with Windows 10. Our Windows 10 Migration solution, built from over 15 years’ experience in the field, is the fastest route to a secure Windows 10 desktop environment, enabling our customers to achieve migrations at a rate 40,000 PCs per month. No other vendor provides all of the following: - A fully automated process that can be initiated by the user - Deployment of a secure Windows 10 desktop with each user’s data and apps ready to go - Migration that works the same whether these are PCs in your offices, ATMs and PoS devices in your branches or extremely remote PCs on oil rigs in the middle of the ocean The benefits of migrating with1E are listed below- Start secure Realize the potential of Windows 10 security through automated configuration of firmware (UEFI) and disk (GPT) Rapid, low cost deployment Customers achieve rates of 40,000 PCs migrated per month at an estimated cost below $10 per PC Consistent, business as usual One process and user experience for migration, new computers and rebuilds wherever they are required Applications under control Reduce compatibility testing and only deploy what is required Sit back and watch User-initiated, fully automated migration slashes deskside visits and infrastructure management Enduring value Self-service, content distribution and visibility of software usage deliver value long after the Windows 10 migration has completed