EView/400i for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM)

EView Technology

EView/400i Management for SCOM Management Pack integrated into SCOM, incorporates the management and automated monitoring of IBM AS/400s (iSeries) as a fully managed SCOM node. SCOM and EView/400i together, provide the automated tools to resolve management issues which often directly affect an organization’s bottom line, while increasing the value of IT Operations to the business. Included: - Health Monitoring for AS/400 Systems and Jobs. - Performance Monitoring -Monitor CPU usage, disk usage, ASP, response time, Job and Output queues and more - Proactive problem detection and resolution via two-way TCP/IP communication with the AS/400 to resolve problems quickly and automatically. Message buffering provided to ensure message delivery in the event of communication failure - AS/400 Audit Journal monitoring -real-time monitoring as events occur - Status summary provided via SCOM 2012 Dashboard specific to AS/400. - Reporting - The EView/400i agent Message Filters extract messages specified by the administrator from the message queues and sends to the server component where it is processed as defined by the rules and monitors contained in the MP. Performance data is collected and stored in the data warehouse. Included are over 150 pre-defined rules to generate alerts for various important AS/400 messages and performance thresholds. As with other SCOM alerts, EView/400i makes it easy to customize discovered resources and override severities and thresholds for your environment’s specific needs.

NiCE Oracle Database Management Pack

NiCE IT Management Solutions

Monitoring Oracle Database Servers is business critical. The NiCE Oracle Database Management Pack is a cross-platform management pack for Microsoft System Center. It continuously monitors the Oracle database infrastructure, identifying server problems before they affect applications and end users, through the use of predefined event conditions and threshold monitors. Monitoring Oracle database servers is a multi-faceted exercise and reaching optimal performance is not an easy goal. You need to know how factors such as memory, physical design and maintenance can affect performance. To tune and maintain a subsystem or instance, you must start to continuously monitor the entire Oracle environment (RAC) and this can be done with the NiCE Oracle Management Pack. Technologies used • Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 and 2012 SP1 • Cross-Platform Agents • Microsoft Windows, IBM AIX, Oracle Solaris, and Linux • Oracle 10.1 and later Main Features • Unique Oracle database monitoring • In-depth performance views for health indicators • Concise advice on event management • Auto-discovery and diagram views of the • Oracle database topology Main Benefits • Proactively enforce Oracle up time • Precise information on tasks to perform • Facilitate fast Oracle Recoveries • Visualize capacity shortages and trends • Lower the overall Oracle maintenance costs • Align IT operations and services with business needs The NiCE Oracle Database Management Pack is designed to simplify the management and monitoring of Oracle Databases. Monitor your Oracle Database Servers according to your actual business needs.

Live Maps Unity for System Center


Live Maps Unity transforms Microsoft System Center into a plug-and-play Business Service Management solution. Live Maps Unity allows you to map the dependencies between your business services and their underlying IT components and monitor the health of those services on intuitive and customizable dashboards. It allows your company to quickly determine the impact and priority of a service disruption and assign it to the right team, all without the distraction of unrelated and low priority alerts. The resulting service quality improvements, together with easy maintenance and implementation, make Live Maps Unity the ultimate answer to the growing need for automated mapping of IT components to business services. Feature Details All of your Live Maps can be viewed on any mobile device with our responsive Web Portal. Completely Silverlight free, you can view the health explorer, configure maintenance mode, and execute tasks for any SCOM object. You can also view and close alerts. Advanced Service Level Agreement Monitoring Each service level agreement created by Live Maps Unity now has an associated System Center Operations Manager monitor associated to it. The monitor will change state from healthy to warning to critical as the SLA approaches and then passes the breach condition. This allows operations teams and business service owners to receive proactive notifications when SLAs are in danger of not being met. The dashboard has been enhanced to contain a column showing the state of the SLAs for each business service. Business days and hours can be configured independently for each service and the SLA will only be calculated and monitored for those specific periods. This decreases the noise that operations teams will face during non-critical periods.

NiCE Log File MP

NiCE IT Management Solutions

The NiCE Log File MP is a SCOM 2012 add-on to supercharge the log file analytic capabilities for your Windows Servers. Business critical applications write health and performance information to log files and this is often left unattended and simply archived. It is time to tap into the pool of information that is contained in the log files. The NiCE Log File MP is THE product to tap into the information contained in your log files. It provides more than 100 custom wizards to the SCOM Authoring console to create rules and monitors with ease. All parts of the NiCE Log File MP leverage native SCOM capabilities and provide a powerful tool that analyzes log content in full detail. Features • Comes with a set of custom authoring wizards so you can create: Alert Rules Performance Counters Unit Monitors • Allows you to set an alert on missing log files • Allows you to define log file names as absolute paths • The NiCE Log File MP interface is part of the Microsoft Monitoring Agent • Includes a powerful program execution interface to run scripts and programs Benefits • Set the log file directory using a regex pattern with no restrictions • Correlate your log lines • Customize behavior if log file does not exist Some use cases for the NiCE Log File MP Support for dynamic log file names and locations Problem- It is often the case that you, as a System administrator, don’t have the possibility to choose log file names and locations. It is simply set by your application. This application may roll log files on a daily basis or even on a service restart, resulting in complex log file names and directory structures. Furthermore, the out-of-the-box log file module provided by SCOM only supports relative paths and no wild cards in paths. Solution - The NiCE Log File MP gives you the option to define log file names as absolute paths including the directory using a regex pattern with no restrictions. Beyond log file reading: Agent-based program execution interface The NiCE Log File MP includes a powerful program execution interface that can run scripts and programs to create, extract, and modify logs from proprietary event and log file sources. This feature expands the usage of the NiCE Log File MP beyond just reading log files. This execution interface is part of a “Managed Module” to the Microsoft Monitoring Agent (MMA), thus, it is truly agent based. It provides the best possible performance and no additional installation is required.

Datacastle RED

Datacastle Corporation

Datacastle RED is an all-in-one laptop backup, recovery and data security solution that controls enterprise data across mobile devices. It makes enterprise mobility and BYOD easy and safe with automated backup to the Microsoft Azure cloud, central policy management that ensures employees follow laptop backup best practices, and advanced security features. Datacastle RED addresses the following key customer issues: - Only 8% of corporate laptop data is actually being backed up to corporate servers today. - Only 25% of corporate laptops use encryption Laptops have a 10% chance of being lost or stolen over three years - The Ponemon Institute estimates that the average cost of lost laptop data is $49,246 - The average cost per organization per data breach event is $7.2million - On average, it takes 9 days to get a laptop back up and running Unique capabilities include: At rest encryption–files selected for protection are automatically encrypted at rest using 256-bit AES encryption. Remote data delete–remotely wipe data with time-based policy triggers or on-demand when a device goes lost or stolen Port access control–grant read or write access, or lock down a port completely, via policy to ensure unauthorized users can’t remove files from a device via USB, CD-ROM, Bluetooth or other port. RoamSmart™ technology - enables IT managers to provide a friction-free end user experience while meeting organizational security and compliance requirements worldwide. Legal Hold - allows an Administrator to place one or more devices on Legal Hold when a legal action is pending. This means that data cannot be deleted from the central vault and end users are not notified that their device is on Legal Hold. Administrative Restore - allows an Administrator to restore a single file, a collection of files or all of a user's data to a new device in the event that a laptop is lost or stolen, a hard drive crashes or a user accidentally deletes data. QuickCaches: Used in conjunction with Datacastle RED, QuickCaches are smart centrally managed data caches which are easily installed on endpoints, in the cloud and in physical locations. QuickCaches allow geographically distributed enterprises to manage bandwidth consumption and decrease time-to-protection while backing up laptop data Datacastle RED works with the following Microsoft Technologies: Microsoft Azure Windows Storage Server Windows 8 laptops and tablets Active Directory

JSK IP Suite

JSK Software

JSK IP Suite is an integrated solution for IP Attorneys which consists of Trademark Management Software and Patent Management Software. Trademark and Patent attorneys and agents use this software to manage trademarks and patents from a single location. JSK IP Suite is a web-based solution and an "access-from-anywhere" software. The pricing of JSK IP Suite is suited for all segments of IP Firms, from large IP Law firms to an individual IP Attorney. JSK IP Suite is available in two versions. By default it can be access from our web server, which way we will be responsible for maintaining the integrity and security of your data. Alternatively, you can also choose to have JSK IP Suite installed on your own server (your local server within your office or your web server on the Internet). This option is useful if you want complete control of where and how your data is stored, or if you have signed certain agreements with your clients which put constraint that their data should not be stored outside your office premises. The biggest advantage of using JSK IP Suite is elimination of separate invest for purchasing Trademark Management Software and Patent Management Software individually. This not only saves the additional cost, but also provides better management and integration options. For example, if you need to send consolidated Trademark and Patent reports to an associate, you'd need to export separate reports from your Trademark Management System and Patent Management System, and then merge them manually, which would take time as well as would be prone to human errors. While with JSK IP Suite, this kind of reporting is as easy as loggin in, opening the Trademarks or Patents page, enter search criteria, and then print/download/email consolidated report.

LBIS (Location-Based Information System)

Ecartstudio Co., Ltd.

LBIS is an executive-level information system, developed to be the most effective tool for upper management to efficiently conduct business analysis, evaluate marketing strategies, and ultimately make optimal business decisions. Moreover, LBIS supports on Microsoft Azure (Cloud platform) which is enable businesses to effectively expand service to global network. A key attribute of this fully web-integrated system is to precisely and accurately present business information topographically. For any large organization with massive data distributed across many systems, LBIS effortlessly compiles all information to be analyzed without compromising their current systems or changing staff’s roles and responsibilities. UNIQUENESS 1. Reduces time and expense in collecting, analyzing, and verifying data, and shortens the duplication of effort 2. Data integrity and security are upheld, since information is stored within company/organization’s own servers. 3. Enterprise-wide licensing means no additional cost to add users 4. Supports on-Cloud platform, which enables businesses to expand service globally Features - Centralized Data: Fully supports centralized data usage and permission to access data - Simply Set Up and Go: Easily configurable to fit in any organization; users have complete autonomy to create and edit data forms - Unlimited Data Entries: Ability to handle infinite number of records via a variety of data types, such as alphanumeric, imagery, statistical, or URL links - Fully Supports Future Expansion: API(Application Programming Interface) prevents obsolescence by connecting seamlessly with future applications - Integrate with Tablet/ Smartphone: Integration with smartphones (e.g. BlackBerry and Android) and Tablets (e.g. iPad) enables users to input data easily and conveniently - Multiple Support of Overlay Layers: Simultaneously superimpose several topographical layers of information, including population density, flood zone, and dry areas - Fully Integrated with GIS: No prior knowledge of GIS is necessary; all data will be analyzed in the background and displayed in a user-friendly format - Real-time Data Analysis and Report: Provides up-to-the-minute data analysis and summary in graphical, or spreadsheet format - Highly Secured Information: Data security is ensured using the latest in encryption technologies