Hosted Services on Infinitis.IT


Vigilant.IT’s hosted infrastructure, has been designed and implemented with hosting and virtualisation in mind. The platform has been specifically developed to optimise the implementation and use of virtual environments based on Microsoft Hyper-V Hypervisor. The use of enterprise management tools, such as Microsoft System Centre suite, is key in this flexible, scalable and secure hosting system. Options within the range of services include: Hosted Email If having your business email hosted locally is important to your organisation, or a possible legal requirement, our Infinitis.IT Email Hosting service offers business-class email, calendar, and contacts on your choice of devices and browsers and all fully hosted locally in Australia. Suitable for businesses of all sizes, this service is an alternative to our Microsoft Office 365 offering which is hosted by Microsoft in Singapore. Hosted Workspace If you feel a little anxious about running expensive servers and hosting precious data in your own physical office, our Infinitis.IT Workspace service lets you host your entire infrastructure in our fully-protected cloud system. This is a great option for small businesses looking to create more flexibility and freedom in their work space. Workers can move between desks in the office and easily get access to their work from home. Hosted Monitoring The stability and recoverability of your network are critical to business success. Constant monitoring and fine-tuning of your IT infrastructure can help you take advantage of the products you have invested in and make sure there are no unexpected problems. Monitoring is achieved through Microsoft System Centre Operations Manager (SCOM) (version 2012). This service utilises an intelligent agent to monitor key system variables on your mission critical servers and applications. When a problem is detected, or a predefined threshold is exceeded, an alarm is immediately and automatically generated.

Cobweb Web Hosting

Cobweb Solutions Limited

Delivered on a proven one-to-many model, the Cobweb Web Hosting platform offers businesses comparative advantages such as: Economies of scale; enabling low per-site per-month costs. 24x7 proactive server and application management with sophisticated monitoring tools including Microsoft System Centre Operations Manager and HP System Insight Manager. Capacity Management planning ensures robust, reliable and consistent service performance. Performance optimised hardware, non-disruptive maintenance and best in class service reliability. Scalable, high-performance systems ideal for sites which experience high-load and high traffic throughput. Security and data protection. The service is delivered from ISO27001 certified data centres which include multiple internet connections, uninterruptible power supplies, fire suppression systems and 24x7 manned security for threat management. Web servers are firewall protected and fully hardened using the latest Microsoft security tools and hosting industry guidelines. Security patches and hot-fixes are tested and applied within 96 hours of release. Real-time server Anti-Virus scanning operates to protect the service against infection. Daily website and database backups for disaster recovery purposes. Content and site configuration management. To be flexible to your design needs the Cobweb Web Hosting service includes: Unlimited use of Parallels SiteBuilder version 4.5 for step-by-step website design using hundreds of custom design templates. SiteBuilder can provide integration with a number of other web applications such as Google Maps, WorldPay and blogs/RSS feeds. Full compatibility with common web design tools and technologies such as Adobe DreamWeaver, Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight. Support for FTP and Microsoft FrontPage Extensions. Support for ASP, ASP.NET version 1.1, 2.0 and 3.5, and AJAX. Support for PHP and Perl. Management of DSN & ODBC connections to databases such as Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access. MyLittleAdmin Control Panel for Microsoft SQL Server database management, removing the need to install client-side SQL Management tools. Service Elements Microsoft Windows Server 2008 with IIS 7 Included Web Space 500MB included* - Additional 500MB at £5 per month Domain*** - 2 year registration £9.98 .com Domain*** - 1 year registration £9.99, 2 year

Business Appointment Manager

Business Management Systems, Inc.

Business Appointment Manager (BAM) incorporates scheduling, billing, customer management, and flexible reporting tools into one easy-to-use, multi-user, network program. Manage schedules for a virtually unlimited number of people, equipment, facility, resources, groups, or any combination. If your business thrives by efficiently scheduling many service providers, accurately billing their time and tasks, collecting payment, and finding and closing more sales, then BAM is your answer. Clear and complete appointment scheduling power—and subsequent business management knowledge—is BAM’s trademark. BAM gives you the tools to manage efficiently by integrating all the parts into one single computer program. Appointment Scheduling: Fast, intuitive appointment scheduling of all staff, resources, rooms and inventory—done the way you want it! Reduce no-shows and conflicts. Set, change, and find open time slots for countless staff, groups, rooms, resources, vehicles and inventory. See everyone’s appointments side-by-side on one screen, by day, week, or month. Fast, intuitive appointment scheduling reduces no-shows, eliminates conflicts, and supports multi-day, singular, or reoccurring events. See appointments side-by-side, by day, week, or month. Use the 25 user-definable fields to store information unique to your business. Export or print your appointment calendar and reports in various formats. Billing and Business Management: Easily generate customer statements detailing invoices, payments, credits, and aging balances. Bill staff hours, flat fees, resources, inventory, third-party services, travel—anything. BAM speeds up order processing, tracks histories, and identifies top producers and customers. See individual production and pay. Export data to accounting/financial software. If you sell products and materials with your services, BAM inventory system tracks stock items, calculates value, and automatically updates on-hand quantities when you create invoices. Customer Relationship Management: Increase revenue by thoroughly managing your business relationships. Link, track and report on prospects’ and customers’ communications. Instantly see details of past and future appointments, services, purchases, and communications records. Reporting Power and Ease: Lists and Reports are available in every BAM functional area. Sort, filter, list, and report your company data hundreds of ways. Track payments, outcomes, cancels/no-shows, referrals and other key aspects of your business. Customize lists and reports to display, sort, filter, group and export fields, save and reuse report templates you have tailored for your needs. Print and export reports in various formats. Merge data directly from reports to print labels or send form letters to customers.

Notes Integration | CMT

Binary Tree

When you move to a new mail and calendar tool, you often can’t make the switch overnight. It can take months to get everyone on the same tool, particularly if you’re in the middle of a merger or acquisition. So while you migrate, you need to make sure users on different tools can still work well together. Whether it’s looking up the availability of other employees to make calendar scheduling easier, or faster collaboration on different platforms, integration allows for a more unified organization. Notes Integration | CMT from Binary Tree integrates separate platforms so your users can collaborate during a migration. For example, it integrates email and calendar across IBM Notes/Domino and Microsoft Exchange or Office 365. You can use it as either a short- or long-term solution to keep your users working smoothly. • Directory Workflow: Establishes directory synchronization between the two platforms to make sure that user addressing is transparent and functional regardless of the migration status of the users • Availability Workflow: Provides for calendar free/busy lookups to ensure that users can obtain availability information for other users regardless of the system the users are associated with • Messaging Workflow: Enables the high-availability, high-performance, and high-fidelity exchange of data that preserves the workflow related to email including document and database links • Calendar Workflow: Ensures that calendars stay synchronized between Notes and Outlook users when creating, updating, rescheduling, and cancelling meetings regardless of a user’s migration status • Application Workflow: Preserves the ability of a user to receive application originated e-mails and perform the actions required by these e-mails

Citizen First - Citizen Relationship Management (CiRM)

LINK Development

Considering the challenges governments face while providing their services to massive broadband of citizens, LINK Development has developed its Citizen Relationship Management - Citizen First solution to tackle these challenges while assuring the highest levels of citizens’ satisfaction. Citizen First is the public sector’s adaptation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform to enable governments provide services with excellence through; better citizen’s profile visibility, streamlined automated services, integration with call center solutions, smart features enhancing employees’ performance, availing various channels to communicate with citizens, and giving executives the insightful mechanism to manage performance. All besides giving the option for low cost implementations; through CRM Online - 360 Degree Citizen View - Case Management - Call Center Management - Event Management and Citizen Outreach - Field Inspection - E-Services Platform - Reports and Dashboards - Multichannel Service Delivery, Mobility, and Social Analytics Success Stories: 1. Egyptian Government 2. Egyptian Cabinet of Ministries 3. Egyptian Presidency Office 4. Holding Company for Water and Waterwaste 5. Ministry of State of Administartive Development 6. Egyptian Electric Utility and Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency 7. National Organization for National Insurance 8. Egypt Ministry of Education 9. Egypt Competition Authority 10. General Authority of Investment (GAFI) 11. Emirates Transport 12. UAE Ministry of Education 13. Department of Economic Development 14. Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) 15. Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (DED) 16. Omani Electricity Holding Company (EHC) 17. KSA Ministry of Labor 18. Qatar Tourism Authority

Гибкость и управляемость лицензий с соглашением Select Plus


COMPAREX предлагает организациям, имеющим соглашение Microsoft Select Plus у аффилированных компаний, присоединение к соглашению, тем самым предоставляя возможность использования глобальных цен и оперативных размещений заказов. Microsoft Select Plus — программа корпоративного лицензирования для средних и крупных организаций (250 и более ПК). Лицензия Select Plus предоставляет возможность оплаты за каждое использование. Она обеспечивает экономию затрат (размер которой зависит от числа приобретенных лицензий во всей организации), более эффективное управление активами, а также возможность управлять программным обеспечением и службами на уровне организации, аффилированного лица или отдела. Требование к заказчику: наличие активного соглашения Select Plus у аффилированного лица. Предложения по лицензированию: лицензия (L), пакет лицензия и Software Assurance (L&SA), а также Software Assurance (SA) Ценообразование базируется на: продуктовой выборке Тип лицензии: бессрочная Поддержка Software Assurance: опционально